The Science of Hiring Quota Busting Sales Teams

The Science of Hiring Quota Busting Sales Teams Book - How to Increase Sales

This is the first book written on hiring salespeople based upon a combined 85 years of organizational psychology research, data analytics on 2.1 million salespeople, and the best practices of top-performing sales organizations. So if you’re looking for the best books on sales and marketing that will tell your staff how to increase sales you have to read this book.

For years, some of the top business school professors and researchers have been publishing their findings in scientific journals that business executives don’t see or read. As a result, a chasm has opened between what researchers know and what businesses believe.

The lack of understanding the actual job, poorly written ads, misplaced ads, ignoring Glassdoor ratings, bias in the process, poor interview skills, misused assessments, and lousy onboarding to name a few reasons for bad hires. It’s no surprise 70% of new hires say the job was misrepresented!

This book will help you teach your salesforce how to increase sales

In addition, COVID-19 has changed the sales process. For everyone, forever. Face-to-face selling, feet on the street, and cold calling have changed to a heavy emphasis on virtual selling, video calls, LinkedIn, and social selling. Given the number of companies that are rethinking their “everyone under one roof” strategy of the past, we see a whole new set of rules taking place. Your salesforce had to re-learn how to increase sales from a different playing field.

This book is a distillation and explanation of everything we’ve learned over the years. Information that can save you hours of time, money, and pain in the hiring process. So If you’re looking for the best books on sales and marketing, look no further.

In this book, we answer key questions…

  • What is the most effective hiring process in a tight labor market? – How to shorten your sales process since the best talent is off the market in 2 weeks?
  • What are the best sources for finding candidates?
  • How do companies mess up the process before an ad is placed? – What type of ads attracts the best sales candidates?
  • Which job boards outperform the rest?
  • How does ignoring Glassdoor hurt your response rate?Which of the 12 selection methods are the most effective?
  • What are the 10 types of interview bias that hurt your efforts for diversity, inclusion, and quality selection?
  • Why use assessments in the hiring process?
  • What are the 11 common assessment types and which is right for you? –
  • What’s the difference between a behavioral interview and a motivational interview?
  • Why use a structured vs. a traditional interview?

“The Science of Hiring provides a necessary roadmap for building a sales organization that works. Not only to achieve the numbers but to be fully aligned with the company’s culture and the way the company wants to work. It all has to fit together. This book shows you how.”

  • James Bygland, CEO of Premier Integration Plus

There is no “one size fits all.”

How to increase sales: Every company has different requirements and there are nuances to even the most straightforward situation. You need multiple data points including the right type of sales assessment, interviews, and reference checks to get a whole picture of the sales candidate.

We share what we have learned about both the skill and the science of an effective hiring process that will consistently point you towards your ideal candidate: a salesperson, CSO, or sales team that loves what they do and consistently meets or exceeds their goals.

This book on sales and marketing can help you cut through the noise, misunderstanding, and clutter of the thousands of assessments, articles, opinions, and advice on the market today. We’ll share what we’ve learned from the research community. We’ll tell you what we’ve learned from experience. And we’ll help you match the assessments to your needs and find the right recruits for any sales role you need to fill. Because when you get that right, your entire organization thrives.