The Science of Closing The Sale By Winning Relationships

The Science of Closing The Sale By Winning Relationships

In 30 years of sales coaching, one thing has been consistently clear – fostering deep relationships is the key to closing the sale and keeping long-term accounts.  When you lose a deal or account, it’s usually because your competitors had better relationships. A relationship by itself is not enough, you still need a product or service that can fix their problem. However, the quality of your relationship determines the level of information your client is willing to share.  Strong relationships are imperative to winning sales and expanding accounts. 

Have you ever had a client or customer whom you’ve worked with for years unexpectedly switch to a competitor or move it all in-house? You ask yourself, how did I not see this coming? If you had a deeper connection with your client, they would have warned you that a change is imminent. You would have been given the information and a chance to turn the situation around.

This book will help you teach your salesforce the best practice to closing the sale…

In The Science of Closing the Sale by Winning Relationships, you’re given the owner’s manual for developing deep relationships with your prospects and clients.  Author Andy Milller shows you a framework for understanding the different buyer types and how to build thriving relationships by recognizing how they work and want to be treated. The research is based on the analysis of 40 million people worldwide and is designed specifically for salespeople and account managers.

When you build a strong relationship with your client, they will express themselves fully, freely, and frankly. They tell you who the stakeholders are, what options or competitors they favor, and why. They share insider details on how to navigate the waters, confidential information, and insights they won’t share with anyone else. They tell you things they shouldn’t, even if it’s during the RFP process.

This book answers these key questions about closing the sale…

  • What are the four unique observable buying styles
  • How to identify your prospects type in one minute
  • The best way to build relationships and trust stronger than your competitors
  • How you sabotage relationships and trust without even knowing it
  • How each style thinks and prefers to relate
  • Ways to adapt for maximum discovery calls
  • Tailor your communications and presentations to match their preferred style
  • Understand what motivates your prospect to take action
  • What prospects need to make a positive decision
  • Ways to reduce friction in the sales process
  • How to shorten the sales cycle
  • How to deal with passive aggressive or paralysis by analysis 
  • The common pitfalls that create unnecessary stalls and objections
  • The best way to close the sale

“I was in a complex sales situation where the prospect was making their decision by committee. One of the competitors had worked hard to win everyone over and was leading the race. By identifying the unique buying style of each committee member, I turn them around and won a very large sale. The material in this book is critical for anyone in sales!”

– Mike Jelepis, Senior Account Executive, Tellius

Every sales employee should have this knowledge!

Even though this book is sales-focused and closing the sale, it’s really about life skills every employee should have. They will have a framework for understanding prospects and customers in group or individual situations. They will build better relationships, improve trust and communication, and make better decisions and overall effectiveness. You will understand how each prospect or customer thinks, behaves, and makes decisions.