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Like Hokey, Winning Sales Teams Need Grit More Than Skill

It Takes Grit To Win at Sales and to Take the Stanley Cup We’ll admit it; in our office, we’re homers when it comes to hockey. We cheered loudly with the Washington Capitals finally won the Stanley Cup. Funny thing

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Onboard New Salespeople Effectively in 7 Steps

Why You Need an Onboarding Program for Sales Staff. No prep for new sales staff increases the odds of failure! With a strong program to onboard new salespeople, you are much more likely to keep your new superstars. Can you

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Select Top Salespeople by Using Structured Interviews

Want top sales performers? Use structured interviews after testing. Do this and you will outsell the competition, every time! With a structured interview, you ask specific questions to evaluate each candidate’s: job-related skills, behaviors, motivations, and abilities. You ask all

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Pre-screen Sales Applicants with a 10-minute Phone Interview

Yep, a 10-minute phone call is all you need to pre-screen your sales applicants. How can you get all the info you need in such a short period? We pre-screen sales applicants in 10-minutes all the time. It works because

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To Hire Top Salespeople Use Pre-hire Assessment Tests

Don’t Rely on Gut Instinct in Hiring New Salespeople All companies know strong sales require a great sales team. Yet most companies still wing it when it comes to selecting sales staff. Many rely on the gut-intuition of sales managers

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How Attract Top Sales Talent

To attract the top sales talent, start with a strategic plan. According to a worldwide survey of 5,400+ employers by Mercer, the next 12 months will be a time of brutal competition for top talent. More than 90% of surveyed

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Eight Steps for Hiring Top Performing Sales People

To get great sales results, you need top performing sales people. This post is the first in a series of posts on how to hire the best sales people for your company. In this series, we will address common mistakes

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