Sales Training

Sales Training tailored to you…

A custom-built program equals LASTING RESULTS!

We carefully design our selling courses to fit the unique needs of our clients. Our trainers do not believe in one particular methodology. With our independent sales training practice, we truly create custom programs for each client that builds upon the strengths that you already have in place.

The BSK sales training gurus, deliver sales training to all levels within client companies. We have trained everyone from sales teams to sales managers, to VP’s and CEOs.

We deliver relevant and effective training because we share our vast industry experience at every level. Your team is presented with powerful, actionable information.

“With BSK’s guidance, my sales increased by four million dollars with a profit margin increase of 8%”
  • Transactional and Consultative Sales
  • Extensive experience in all types of businesses
  • Large Account and Enterprise Selling
  • Proven strategies that deliver results in million-dollar sales
  • Sales Management and Leadership Training
  • Providing long-lasting improvements in sales leadership

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“My six-figure W-2 has never been better and steadily increasing past 300k!”

Our Process

  1. G.R.I.T. Assessment
    A high-G.R.I.T. salesperson will sell 170% to 320% more than the average salesperson. G.R.I.T. is a metric in our assessment that determines an individual’s Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity. In other words, it gauges an individual’s “try” factor. Grit (noun): firmness of character or indomitable spirit. Sales Grit (noun): willingness to conquer barriers to meet sales goals, including, stretching, struggling, or sacrificing.
  2. Design
    As part of our program design process, we carefully review what you are doing now. In that evaluation, we pinpoint what’s working well and what’s not working. Our training team then structures a training program that will increase sales results.
  3. Delivery
    Our training takes the best of your team and the best of the industry. With this combo, you get maximum sales performance. Our training professionals deliver programs in: To assure lasting success, all our workshops and sessions are backed by a weekly reinforcement online or through conference calls.

Find out if your team has the G.R.I.T. to raise your revenue.