Sales MRI

You’ll get a consultation with Big Swift Kick to do a Sales MRI review of one of your reps. You will learn…

  • What is getting in the rep’s way?
  • What do we need to address in order of priority?
  • What is the best path for that rep to reach their goal?
  • How long will it take for the rep to reach their goal?
  • How much of an increase should you expect for the rep?

Includes a Sales MRI report!

Get the report that discovers the issues, what it would take to fix them, the time needed to expect results, and the estimated ROI.

Sales MRI Chart

What to Expect with a Sales MRI

  1. Goals – The first thing we will do is sit down with you and understand your overall goals. Once those goals have been defined, we will move on to the next step.
  2. Sales MRI – A Sales MRI is a scientific evaluation of your sales organization. This involves the evaluation of your salespeople, sales leadership, sales infrastructure structure, sales systems, sales processes, sales skills, methodologies, strategy, pipeline, tools, culture, and anything else that has to do with sales force effectiveness and accomplishing your growth goals. The data analytics tool we use has been used to assess over 2.3 million sales professionals and has the highest form of validation, so we can give powerful insights on your organization and compare data to other companies in your market and world-class!
  3. Reporting – We will review our findings with you over the internet or in person if you prefer. We will answer all your questions, point out important findings and discuss the impact of what we’ve learned. By the end of the meeting, you and I will have a consensus on the most important issues to be addressed in order of priority. 

In addition to answering your specific questions,
we cover several other findings, including:

  • How can sales leaders impact our sales force?
  • What are our current sales capabilities? 
  • How motivated are our salespeople, and how are they motivated?
  • Can we generate more new business?
  • Can we be better at reaching decision-makers?
  • Can we shorten our sales cycle?
  • Can we sell more consultatively? 
  • Who can become a value seller?
  • Is our value proposition consistent?
  • Can we close more sales?
  • Do our systems/processes support a high-performance sales organization?
  • Can we be more consistent with our sales process? 
  • How well are our sales leadership strategies aligned?
  • Do we need to change our hiring/selection criteria?
  • Can we improve the ramp-up?
  • Can we improve our pipeline and forecasting accuracy?
  • Can we improve our sales culture? 
  • Who can become more effective in their roles?
  • What are the short-term priorities for accelerated growth?
  • What needs to happen, how long will it take, and what’s the ROI?
  • Train on how to generate more new business.
  • Coach on how to be better at reaching actual decision-makers.
  • Provide processes to shorten sales cycle.
  • Train on how to sell more consultatively. 
  • Prepare to close more deals.

About Big Swift Kick

Big Swift Kick is an international sales strategy and sales performance consulting firm that specializes in helping middle-market companies accelerate their sales performance. They have 30 years of experience and are responsible for helping companies generate $5.7 Billion in new business.

BSK Team - Andy Miller

About the Founder

Andy Miller is a Vistage Top 50 Speaker, a Selling Power Magazine Top 10 Sales Consultant, and a senior consultant to 165 sales consultants around the world. He authored the international best-seller “The Science Of Hiring Quota Busting Sales Teams.” Andy has been featured in Newsweek, CNN, and seven books on business growth and lectured at the Wharton School of Business, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business, and the University of Houston Bauer College of Business Sales Excellence Institute.

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