Sales Grit Training

Build a Strong “Sales Grit Culture” or Risk Mediocrity

Build sales grit into your sales force or expect a string of failures, lost opportunities and missed numbers. A team without grit will not adapt to changing or step up to a challenge. If your sales are not where you want them to be, you must create a grit culture.

Your team better be stocked with mostly “Hell yeah. We can do it” folks, or you’re doomed before you even leave the gate.

What is Sales Grit?

Grit (noun): firmness of character or indomitable spirit

Sales grit (noun): willingness to conquer barriers to meet sales goals, including, stretching, struggling, or sacrificing

As a metric, a grit assessment determines an individual’s Growth Resilience Instinct Tenacity or G.R.I.T. In essence, the measurement of Grit, gauges the individual’s “try.”

Why is a High Sales Grit Important to Sales Success?

A high-grit salesperson will sell 170% to 320% more than the average salesperson.

Grit is essential to sales success because the selling profession is:

  • Brutal, a good close rate is 30%, meaning 70% of the time it’s not successful.
  • A long process, 5 to 7 presentations and contacts per B2B sale not uncommon.
  • Constantly changing, the “it’s never been done this way” crowd will not succeed.
  • Littered with obstacles, sales folks must leap many hurdles (company bureaucracy, customer committees, and B2B customers with a predefined supplier short list, etc.).

In a strong sales grit culture, the sales team will find a way even when it gets hard.

Do You Have A Low-Grit Sales Culture?

You must build and grow a solid sales grit culture in your sales force.

Think about your sales team for a moment, you can likely place them in three basic buckets:

  • Climbers –will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Campers – are change-adverse and will fight to maintain “the status quo.”
  • Quitters –occupy a spot every day from 9 – 5, but retired long ago.
Warning signs that your sales team has a low-grit culture:
  • You have mostly campers who want to maintain status quo.
  • Yours sales staff lacks fire in their belly and mediocrity is the new norm.
  • Few folks quit and those that do are your top sellers.
  • Your pipeline is never full and few reps hit quota.
  • New sales team members rarely meet expectations.
  • Changes never seem to take hold, but you aren’t sure why.

Sales Grit Measurement

Our process starts by assessing your sales team’s grit. The assessment will provide a grit score for each member of your sales and management team. Based on the aggregate results, we will custom-tailor a program to increase your grit culture.

Grit is Trainable

Adapting a sales grit approach requires cognitive toughness and an understanding of the mental game of selling. To develop a sales grit culture; your team must be coachable.

Some folks may naturally lean to the high-grit spectrum, but it’s a trainable muscle. To have grit, some individuals must step out of their comfort zone. And, that is, well, uncomfortable.

Everyone has a different “fight or flight” response. When confronting adversity, the high “fight” folks will work through it. With coaching and training, we can teach your team to dampen their initial “flight” muscle and push through it.

We can help the “campers” find their climber instincts again. We can also help you identify the “quitters” and work out a game plan to get them climbing or determine a better slot for them.

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