Sales Force Assessment

Building a High Performing Sales Force Takes Guts, and a Plan

Discover and Destroy Your Team’s Roadblocks to Higher Sales
Do you have these issues with your sales team?


  • Worry they are not hitting the numbers
  • Know you must accelerate growth, but not sure the best way to get there
  • Made some changes, but not seeing the results you want
  • Want them to deliver bigger deals, but they have not done so
  • Need to reach the next level, but unsure how to help managers get there

Building a sales force can seem like a dark hole. You throw a lot of money and resources into the abyss. Some things work and some things don’t, but you can’t tell what’s working.

Do you really have a plan and strategy for your sales team that will work? If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will indeed get you there. You need a plan with staying power. You need a direction, and you need the right path.

Fixing the Wrong Problem Risks an “Oh Crap” Moment

To solve the problem, you must first define the problem. We’ve seen many clients and consultants start fixing the sales issues, without conducting enough analysis.

The result is often poor performance, a failure to launch to the next level, much finger-pointing and a lot of CYA and an “Oh crap that didn’t work, now what” moment.

You simply cannot fix the problem if you don’t know the problem. No competent doctor starts writing prescriptions before running some tests. If anyone comes to you and spouts fixes for your sales force, before running a proper, unbiased diagnostic, slam the door. Better yet, run them out of your office on a rail.

Learn the Raw Truth about Your Sales Force

Face it, selling is complicated stuff. It involves people all through the process:
If you have:

  • Good folks in the wrong jobs, you will have problems.
  • Good folks, focused on the wrong customers, you’ll have low revenue and slim margins.
  • The wrong folks, in the wrong jobs, focused on the wrong customers, you have a disaster.

We help you sort it all out and discover WTH are the real issues. From a 90+ assessment-tool inventory such as sales skills, critical thinking, social styles, motivators, grit, leadership, competencies and more, we select the few we need to discover your sales team’s key issues.

We really know how to sort through a mess and determine the core issues. We start with the 10 – 15 things you want to know about your sales force. Based on your needs, we evaluate each member of your sales team.

Our sales force evaluation tools provide insight into areas such as your:

  • Sales culture (values and practices)
  • People and their skills (performance, skill gaps, etc.)
  • Sales infrastructure (alignment, systems and processes)
  • Sales architecture (strategy, structure, major accounts, quotas, territories)
  • Grit culture (a teams’ “can do” attitude, belief system, mindset, mental toughness)
  • Recruiting profile (process, selection criteria, on boarding)
  • What’s your genius? (an individual’s passion, competency DNA)
  • Development and training needs (who to develop and skills to build)
  • Recommendations for growth (how to grow sales in 6-36 months)

Building Successful Sales Teams Ain’t for Sissies.

Our final evaluation report will blow you away. We deliver a comprehensive report (often 100+ pages per sales rep, which we boil-down to an exec summary). Yes, that’s dense; however, it’s jam-packed with details you need to know.

In our executive summary, you get clear, actionable steps you must take to reach your sales force goals. We also meet with you and discuss the key highlights. In a 3-4-hour session, we review our findings, answer questions and discuss the next-best-steps.

You will get amazing, blunt insight into your sales organization. You will understand what’s really holding your team back and how to wipe out the obstacles.

With our analysis and collaboration, you will:

  • Understand where your team members are now.
  • Identify the endpoint you want them to reach.
  • Uncover the best way to get there.
  • Establish the time, energy and resources required to reach your goals.
  • Determine how long it will take you to realize the results you want.

Some of the work will be hard. Face it, mediocre companies take the easy path. You don’t want a second-rate company. You know taking the ordinary path won’t build the extraordinary company you intend to grow.

Baby Steps Will Get You There

We stay with you to implement our recommendations. We’ve got your back. We will help you incrementally change your sales force. You do not need major disruptions to your sales operation. We get it. You have numbers to meet now!

We often just build on our client’s existing sales model and don’t reinvent the wheel. In baby steps, we will take you from where you are to where you need to be.

We typically work one to three years with a client to walk them through the change process.

Is BSK a Good Fit for You?

Companies that benefit the most from our services tend to have $20 to $500 million in annual revenue. Our best fit is a company with the CEO actively tuned into his company’s sales efforts. We work well with the CEO that sees sales as near and dear in his heart.

You must also be willing to hear a frank assessment of your sales team. We use science and candor to get companies to the next level. If you can’t take candor, we’re not a good fit for you.

Our services are ideally suited to business-to-business or business-to-consumer services and products. We typically do not work with clients in retail the insurance, real estate, or automotive industries, or any industry or company with a churn and burn mentality.

Our clients can expect to spend $20,000 to $100,000 on our diagnostic phase and $50,000 to $800,000 on the “fix it” phase, which takes one to three years.