Sales Consulting

What you need to succeed in sales is a Big Swift Kick. Leap the barriers to sales goals with a trusted advisor that focuses on the core issues. Big Swift Kick’s sales consulting services can help your business thrive.

Remarkable and Sustainable Results

We understand what you really need – RESULTS. We believe so strongly in our ability to deliver results that we will work for clients on a pay-for-performance (or equity share) basis if you have the right stuff.

For 28 years, we have guided clients to extraordinary sales success. Our in-depth experience in a wide variety of business areas sets us apart from other consultants.

We only work with executives and private equity investors who require results. When you get at the heart of it, our clients have the right mindset, grit, and mental toughness. Our sales consulting clients are willing to work hard to take their companies from good to great.

Do you really believe in your heart that your company is the best or can be the best? If yes, you are a good fit for BSK.

Bigger Clients

Client became number one in its market with more than 200 Fortune 500 customers.

$250,000 to $5 million

Client grew its average deal size from $250,000 to $5 million in 18 months.

The Right Solution for You

BSK’s consultants are sales-process-agnostic. We have worked with the top sales methodologies and helped clients with sales management issues.

We appreciate the valuable contributions of sales approaches such as SPIN Selling, Miller-Heiman, Sandler, or The Challenger Sale, etc. In the right situation, each can help solve problems. However, no one approach fits every situation.

That said, we make a commitment not to recommend solutions before we thoroughly analyze your situation. We recommend the best approach for you based on your core issues.

Consider this medical services company we worked with as an example…

Problem: Company X consistently misses its numbers year after year.

Suspected Solution: They invested in a sales training methodology. It was good training but not the core issue.

Real Solution: Analysis showed that they really needed a major account strategy. We helped the company change direction in its targeting, outreach, and sales process.

Results: BSK helped this client grow its average deal size from $250,000 to $5 million in 18 months.

Would you like to know where your blind spots are? Contact BSK today and give your company a Big Swift Kick!

Simple But Highly Effective Sales Consulting Methodology

Since we take the time to diagnose the issues and custom tailor our recommendation, you get a sales model with staying power. We work directly with the C-Suite executives charged with growing the company, including CEOs, CSOs, Vice Presidents, and business owners.

Our methodology is simple, yet highly effective:

  • First, our analysis identifies your core issues. With our diagnostic tools, we identify your root problems, not the symptoms…
  • We will then lay out a plan for the best path to optimal success.
  • Finally, we help you tackle your issues incrementally with the least amount of disruption.
  • To discuss how we could help your company, please complete our contact form.
135% Performance Increase

Increased client’s team performance by 135% and personal earnings by 75%.

$20 million to $100+ million

Client grew its revenues from $20 million to over $100 million in only 3 years.

Have You Seen This Before?

Are these the types of situations you find yourself in today?

  • You look to the future and don’t see a clear or easy strategy for growth…
  • You’re spending lots of money on sales but can’t tell what is really working…
  • There’s a question if your team has a real handle on top customer needs…
  • You hired a sales consultant in the past but you never received long-lasting results…

If you can relate to any of these, then it’s time to give your business to get a Big Swift Kick in the…