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Our Sales Consulting Team Delivers
What You Need to Succeed

We will tell you what you need to hear — not what you want to hear.
You can’t afford to waste time treating symptoms. You face big issues.


We help you leap barriers to sales goals.


  • Know your company could grow faster, much faster
  • Look to the future and don’t see a clear or easy strategy for growth
  • Spend lots on sales; however, you can’t tell what the H is really working.
  • Question if your team has a real handle on top customer needs

You’ve probably hired a sales consultant, maybe several, in the past. They were nice folks. They delivered great programs and provided terrific reports. But, ultimately you received no long-lasting results.

Most Consultants Recommend One Solution.

Many consultants deliver their preferred sales approach to clients. They specialize in one program only. Regardless of your issues, most sales consultants deliver the one program they know. While they may offer the latest and greatest methodology, they only promote a “one size fits all” approach.

You know a standard approach will not solve your unique sales and business issues. You know in your gut. One size never fits all.

This is the expert’s dilemma, a specialty bias. In the medical world, for example, if a patient presents with back pain:

  • a chiropractor may suggest making adjustments,
  • a physical therapist could suggest exercises,
  • an orthopedic surgeon may recommend surgery,

We candidly assess each client’s sales issues

Only a holistic approach will take a full battery of tests and consider all options. Maybe the patient has one longer leg and just needs special shoes. Without a full evaluation, the recommended solution is often wrong.

We use a consultative approach to pinpoint the core issues holding your team back.

We thoroughly analyze your situation. Our analysis reveals the best path for your optimal success.

Get the Right Solution

Our consultants are sales process agnostic. For 23+ years, we have guided clients to extraordinary sales success. We have worked with the top sales methodologies and helped clients with sales management issues.

We appreciate the valuable contributions of sales approaches such as:

  • SPIN Selling,
  • Miller-Heiman,
  • Sandler, or
  • The Challenger Sale etc.

In the right situation, each can help solve problems. Each methodology has its place; however, no one approach fits every situation.

We do not recommend solutions before we thoroughly analyze a client’s situation. We find that many clients identify and seek to solve symptoms, not the core issues.

For example, we worked for a client selling medical services to insurance companies.

Suspected Problem: The Company consistently missed its numbers, despite 10+ years invested in a rock-solid sales training methodology. Management wanted to know how to get to the next level.

Real Problem: Our analysis showed they really needed a major account strategy. With our help, the company changed the profile of a prospective client. We helped this client grow its average deal size from $250,000 to $5 million.

We recommend the best approach for you, based on your core issues.

We may even recommend a combination of several approaches. Whatever approach we suggest: you will know it is in your best interest, and you will know why.

We Never Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater

First, our analysis identifies your core issues. Next, we help you tackle your issues incrementally. We’ll discover how to improve on your existing sales program with the least disruption possible.

Some sales consultants may suggest you need to blow-up everything and start over. We will never tell you to ditch everything you are doing. We don’t throw out your baby while refreshing that bath water.

Do You Have the Big Swift Kick Mindset?

Not all companies are suited to the Big Swift Kick Approach.


We only work with teams willing to change. A “stuck-in-the-past” attitude won’t cut it.

We only work with executives who really want results. Yes, BSK uses many solid analytic tools; but, when you get at the heart of it, our clients must have the right mindset, grit and mental toughness.

Do you really believe in your heart that your company is the best or can be the best? If yes, you are a good fit for BSK.

We only work with CEOs who disdain the ordinary. Our clients are willing to work hard to take their companies from good to great. If you stick with a process because “it’s always been done that way,” we are not the team for you.

Can You Handle the Truth About Your Company?

Are you willing to have experts take a good, hard, microscopic look at the company’s sales and business processes? You may not like what you hear. Are you ready for that?

With our diagnostic tools, we identify your root problems, not the symptoms.

Those root issues may be your cherished process. The process you spent a lot of time developing. We may tell you that it’s junk and does not work for you in the long term. Can you handle that?

If you and your team are not “coachable,” we are not the consulting group for you. Your executive team must be willing to take a new direction. If the analysis shows you need a brand-new path to get your target results, can you change course?

If you have the right stuff to work with BSK and really want to grow your company, contact us today!

BSK Does Not Offer an “Instant Fix” to Solving Sales Problems

This is not an easy process. You and your team must be willing to answer some tough questions.

For success, you may need to change:

  • the customers you target,
  • the types of folks you hire,
  • the way you train,
  • how you compensate your team, or
  • a number of other areas.

To see significant results, you must change the right things. We will identify exactly what you must change.

In an exercise program, a few days of training will not change your body. Sales is similar. Depending on the sales issues, you can expect to 6-24 months of focused effort to get the payoff and lasting change you are expecting.

With BSK, Your Results Are Remarkable and Sustainable


We deliver amazing sales results for clients.

We deliver amazing sales results for clients.

Since we take the time to diagnose the issues and custom tailor our recommendation, you get a sales model with staying power. We only take on a few clients at a time. We work directly the C-Suite executives charged with growing the company, including CEOs, CSOs, Vice Presidents and business owners.

Our in-depth experience, in a wide variety of business areas, sets us apart from other consultants. We understand what you really need from consultants – RESULTS.

We believe so strongly in our ability to deliver results that we will work for clients on a pay-for-performance (or equity share) basis, if you have the right stuff.

If you have the guts to work with BSK, you will get your business to that illusive, higher level.

To discuss how we could help your company, please complete our contact form.