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Sales Driver– Get Your Portfolio Company “Back On Track”

Your portfolio company is under-performing but not sure why?

You introduced some potential strategic alliances, added some extra resources, and brought some top talent to fill in the gaps.

So what is in the way of getting your company back on track?

Your problem could be any or several of these issues…

  • Poor messaging or lack of competitive advantage
  • Lack of a process to target and win major accounts that transform the company
  • Poor execution or lack of accountability
  • Inability to expand key-account growth
  • High sales rep turnover or lack of full engagement
  • Wrong hiring criteria or a lacking onboarding process
  • Your sales team cannot up-sell or cross-sell
  • Your sales team does too much discounting
  • Your company lacks new offerings.

Are you looking at how to turn this around and get those numbers up? If your answer is yes, then our Sales Driver can give you tremendous ammunition!

What is the best strategy to drive your portfolio company’s sales? Not Sure?

Discover how to organically accelerate your portfolio company’s growth

Your portfolio companies are doing OK, but they aren’t quite where they need to be.

You made some changes and hoped for faster growth and better synergy from that last acquisition.

What you need now is a way to accelerate organic growth!

Are you looking for some analytical insight and strategic guidance on the best ways to make that happen?

You might ask:

What is the best way to accelerate organic growth in our portfolio company? Should we do any of the following?

What is the best way to accelerate organic growth in our portfolio company? Should we do any of the following?

  • Increase the speed at which we double our organic growth
  • Deploy a new strategy to land more clients
  • Find additional ways to increase incremental revenue from existing clients
  • Systematically replicate how we acquire major accounts
  • Launch a program to expand the acquisition of key-account sales, consistently
  • Increase our sales team’s ability to up-sell or cross-sell
  • Increase the average revenue per transaction

Fortunately, you can deploy many strategies to accelerate growth. The key is to set priorities. You must identify and prioritize the strategy with the biggest payoff for the least amount of time and resources. When you use the right growth strategy, you get the growth you need.

Discover how we can help accelerate organic growth in your portfolio company.

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