Grit Culture

How a Low-Grit Culture Dooms a Company

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A high-grit sales culture, while it’s not sexy, matters now more than ever!

Yes, that stick-to-it-ness, that guy who goes the extra mile for a prospective customer or who stays late to help a customer in crisis; these are the folks who make a successful company today. If your team lacks these hard charges, you may have a low-grit sales culture. Sales training and business consulting is more important than ever before

Face it: selling is harder than it has ever been. You must confront the following:

  • More competitors than ever before
  • Competitors from around the globe, as all markets expand
  • Fully informed prospective customers

Why a High-Grit Culture is Important

Do you sell to other businesses? If you do, your customers make nearly 60% of their buying decisions before they engage with sales teams. You must help educate them early.

Your crucial differentiator must include a sales and sales-support team that goes the extra mile. The sales team is becoming a more sustainable differentiator than products.

A Winning Product Alone Does Not Win the Race…

Today, you don’t win by just selling the better mouse trap. You win with a sales team that helps customers get the most out of that mouse trap (when to use it, where to place it, and what time to deploy it).

You can’t employ folks that only care about winning the next sales contest; or the ones that can only use, heaven forbid, some canned sales scripts with every prospect.

The Purpose of the Big Swift Kick Blog

The purpose of our blog is to help companies navigate today’s tricky sales environment by building a high-grit culture and a high-performing sales team.

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Our Big Swift Kick blog covers a full range of sales topics. It helps companies decide:

  • Which sales process is best for them (one size does not fit all)
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  • How to redefine sales leadership for today’s market
  • Ways to find and motivate the best sales talent, and
  • How to build and sustain a high-grit culture

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