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Use Large Account Strategy as a Growth Strategy

Posted in: Sales Consulting

Use your large account sales strategy to grow

Our opinion is:
If you could only pick one sales strategy to grow your business, the fastest way to drive growth is through a process, a large account process. It is good business sense to use major sales as your growth strategy. With all the experts that we have on our team, we have run the whole gamut of strategies. We’ve done sales consulting, consultative sales training, best hiring practices, etc. All the different ways you could grow your business have their place if the time is right.

Raw sales talent is not going to get you where you want to be. When it’s time as an owner or a CEO to exit your company, because you have established this process, you can get a higher multiple as you exit.

A large account process is:

  • more scalable,
  • is repeatable,
  • and it will make your company more valuable.

This sales strategy is the best, fastest way to drive growth. We promise, that if you use this approach, it will help you get accounts that are 10 to 20 times the size of your average deal. And our experience backs that up. I was counting but I lost track after 192, but we have more than 192 CEOs who’ve landed the biggest deals in the history of their company by using this approach.

Results will vary for each company, but that’s the way it has played out for others. I can give you an example. We had a client, one of Tom Searcy’s clients, who did signage and they were making signs for a very large international big box store.

Our client had never done a deal over $500,000 with this particular merchant. With our approach, they were able to land a $20 million deal. It was highly competitive, but they won it. They were one of many companies working with this big box chain. They were a little David-sized company, but they were able to compete against the Goliaths to win the contract.

I consider that pretty impressive — to go from a $500,000 deal to a $20 million deal.