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BSK Teams with Objective Management Group, Inc. to deliver sales force Assessment services.

Objective Management Group, Inc. (OMG) is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force assessment and sales candidate screening.

Evaluating the sales force is one of the most important tactics you can deploy to improve your company’s profits. Visit the link below to get an overview of what you can accomplish with an assessment of your sales force and sales process.

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Select the Best Salespeople with the OMG Sales Force Assessment Tool

Objective Management Group has assessed more than 750,000 salespeople. Their research reveals that only 26% of sales people are successful. This means that three out of every four hiring decisions are a mistake.

predictive-sales-candidate-free-trialOMG’s tool for evaluating sales candidates has a proven record of accomplishment. About 92% of the candidates, which the tool recommends will reach the top half of the sales force within one year. And, 75% of the individuals not recommended by the OMG sales candidate assessment tool, and hired anyway, will fail.

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Assessments to Improve Your Sales Team

You can use OMG assessments to enhance recruiting and to identify areas you can improve in your existing sales team. OMG built its tools specifically for evaluating the sales team. It is not adapted from tools used for other professions.

Get an idea about the depth of our assessments with a free sample copy of OMG’s reports.

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Free E-Book on 63 Powerful Sales Tips to Get a Huge Increase in Sales

In less than an hour, you can read this great book from Dave Kurlan, the founder and CEO of Objective Management Group.

Dave’s book will make you laugh and most importantly, help you increase sales. Whether your role in sales is inside or outside, B2B or B2C, transactional or complex, long or short sales cycle, capital equipment or widgets, products or services, expensive or dirt cheap – this fun book has lessons for you.

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Free White Papers

OMG provides a library of free white papers to help companies improve their sales force effectiveness. You can get copies of these papers at the following links

The Modern Science behind Sales Force Excellence

The Modern Science of Salesperson Selection

Sales Longevity—the Science of Predicting Sales Turnover

The Trust Project—When and Why Salespeople Aren’t Trusted

The Challenger Selling Style and its Impact on Sales Force Selection

The Magic of the OMG Sales Candidate Assessment Webinar

You hired someone you were sure would be a stellar salesperson and he just tanked. Has that happened to you? Or, do you need stronger salespeople to succeed in a difficult market? Does either situation apply to you? If you answered yes, sign-up for OMG’s webinar on how to select elite sales people.

You will get information on how to identify and select successful sales people.

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Free Tools from Objective Management Group

 Calculate Your Cost for Making a Bad Sales Hire

Answer only 15 questions (in less than 5 minutes) and this tool provides you with your total cost of hiring mistakes including your cost of recruitment, development, and lost business.

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Sales Force Grade

free-sales-force-graderBy answering 22 questions (in less than 5 minutes) you will get an instant score on the relative effectiveness of your sales force. Along with your score, you’ll:

  • see how your sales force compares with others,
  • receive an explanation of what your score means, and
  • get recommendations on what you can do to improve your score.

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Sales Ghost Calculator

You spend lots of resources, time and money, to hire and to train new salespeople. If they leave too soon, you do not get a return on your investment. Worse yet, bad salespeople of years past (those who were with you and are now gone) can haunt your company for a long time. If they did poorly and represented you poorly, you can pay a high price. How much have your sales ghosts cost your company?

Use the Sales Ghost Calculator

Sales Process Grader

free-sales-process-graderWith the OMG sales process grader, you select actions from a list of potential sales steps. You place the steps in an order corresponding to your sales process. The OMG Tool then rates your process against the hundreds of successful sales processes, which OMG has evaluated. Finally, you get a score on how your process rates.

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Recruiting Process Grader

With this tool, you select the steps you currently use to formally (and informally) recruit new salespeople. The OMG tool compares your process with other successful companies and gives your process a grade.

All information is confidential.

Get a Grade for Your Recruiting Process

Sales Achievement Grader

free-sales-achievement-graderIf you are an individual sales professional, we have a simple tool for you to use to gauge your success.

By answering 10 simple questions (in less than 5 minutes) you will instantly get a grade on your level of achievement. Don’t worry the information remains confidential. The information is just for you.

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