Guide to the Best Sales Assessments

Find the Right Assessment Test for
Your Sales Candidates with the BSK


Definitive Guide to the Best Sales Assessments for
Hiring Quota-busting Salespeople


Don’t Rely on Gut Instinct in Hiring New Salespeople

When you use the wrong pre-hire sales test, you:

  • Have a selection success rate of less than 25%
  • Rely on results from highly unreliable tests
  • Waste hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring underperformers
  • Lose out to competitors who are testing the right way

We provide an independent evaluation of the top sales assessment tests on the market today.

Read this guide and discover:

  • How to define the sales traits you need in salespeople
  • Which tests best predict a sales candidate’s performance on the trait
  • When you should use more than one test in your selection process
  • Why personality tests are not useful in staff selection
  • How to determine the validity and reliability of any sales test

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