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Are you maximizing the return on your sales force investment?

How does your company’s sales force performance compare to your peers?

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When it comes to your sales force, what gives you the biggest heartburn?

Do You…

  • Worry they are not hitting the numbers
  • Think they are not keeping up with your competitors
  • Know you must accelerate growth, but not sure the best way to get there
  • Want them to deliver bigger deals, but they have not done so
  • Need to reach the next level, but unsure how to help managers get there

Our team can help you identify the real roadblocks to maximizing your sales force effectiveness.

Improve SFE to Max the Return on Your Sales Force

Your company likely spends 10% or more of its revenue on the sales force. If you can improve your SFE, you can substantially improve your ROI.

You can improve your SFE in a dozen different ways. Your challenge is to identify the best SFE efforts to give you the biggest bang for your buck. You don’t’ want to chase the “latest shiny thing” in sales strategy. You want to make the right investments for you to reach your goals.

Understand How Your Sales Force Compares to Industry Peers

You don’t operate in a vacuum. Your peers are probably selling very similar services to the same market. The company that wins the race is the one with the best-tuned sales force.

We have helped hundreds of companies improve their sales teams’ performance. We also have a large database on the sales performance metrics across a broad range of industries.

With our analysis, you will discover how your sales group’s performance compares to other companies in your industry. We can then work with you to pinpoint the best ways to improve your SFE.

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