Bucket List for Sales Professionals

If you had the time, money and opportunity – what 5 things would you go do, right now?

If you are serious about transforming your dreams into reality – these are the types of events, trips, moments and goals you should write down and remind yourself of daily!

bucket-listEver since Andy Miller was 14 years old, he has made and updated a “bucket list” of the things he wanted to do and accomplish in all areas of his life.

The practice had such a motivating impact on his life that he began to share his bucket list techniques with his many clients.  Every time he shared, it was extremely well received and proved very beneficial to others.

Now he’s put together this step-by-step guide with easy-to-use worksheets and a sample bucket list to inspire and help others learn this life-changing activity.  This guide is custom tailored to serve the needs of sales professionals directly.

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