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Our Big Swift team has gathered a full line-up of resources to help CEO’s, Sales VPs and sales staff improve their companies’ sales efforts.

Get Free Tools to assess your sales force, sales candidates, and sales processes. Evaluating your sales force is one of the most important tactics you can deploy to improve your company’s profits. We provide a comprehensive list of tools and resources for sales process improvement.

Visit our Corporate Case Studies page, to get a front row seat to our work with a host of clients. With our case studies, we “pull back the curtain” and show you exactly what it takes (and what it’s like) to catalyze huge leaps forward in business performance.

Request a copy of our white paper on Building a High-Performance Sales Engine.
Our comprehensive guide shows you how to systematically increase your sales performance.

Get a copy of one of our most popular guides, a “Bucket List for Sales Professionals”. This guide gives you systematic, easy-to-use, worksheets to create your own inspirational, life-changing, bucket list. We have customized this guide to uniquely serve sales professionals.

On this page, discover a quick 3-page worksheet on how to conduct “Stealth Negotiations”. Our worksheet helps salespeople preempt common objections and ploys buyers use in the buying process.

Calculate the Cost of hiring the wrong salesperson

Find out how effective is your sales force

How accomplished are you as an Individual Salesperson

How effective is your sales process

How effective is your recruiting process for hiring sales professionals