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Sales Recruiting Tips: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

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In our last post, Where Do Sales Managers Find Sales Talent?, we ended the blog post with the acronym ABR (Always Be Recruiting) to continuously attract top sales talent.

In the cutthroat sales world, having a talented team can differentiate between success and failure. It’s no secret that sales jobs have higher churn rates than most professions. This reality makes it clear that attracting and retaining top sales talents should be a top priority for any business. But how can you ensure that your company is always staffed with the best? The answer lies in three simple words – Always Be Recruiting (ABR).

Sales Recruiting Tips

Below are a few sales recruiting tips to keep in mind:

  • Sales jobs have some of the highest churn rates of any position.
  • Since the job market will get more competitive, plan on needing new sales team members. Create a bench of potential hires.
  • Keep any great potential hires in your orbit. Add them to your social networks. Invite them to events. Send out email announcements to your potential list when you have openings.
  • Consistently monitor (or whatever displaces it). In today’s world, 55% of job searchers look at company profiles on websites like Glassdoor to see what others say about a company.
  • Pay attention to your online reputation as an employer, especially for sales talent. The average company rating on Glassdoor is 3.3, while the winners of “best places to work for” range between 4.0 and 4.7. You don’t get a chance to dance if you don’t have positive ratings.

Why ABR?

The concept of ABR isn’t just a trendy acronym; it’s a strategic approach to recruitment that emphasizes the importance of continuously attracting and keeping top sales talents in your company. The idea is to create a pipeline of potential hires so that when a position opens up, you already have a pool of candidates ready to step in.

Building Your Bench

Creating a bench of potential hires requires foresight and strategic planning. You can start by identifying the essential qualities you want in your sales team. Once you have this outline, you can proactively look for individuals who fit this profile.

Engage with top talents on social networks like LinkedIn. Connect with them, participate in discussions, and share insightful content that positions your company as an industry leader. Maintain regular contact with these potential hires. This could be through email announcements about company news, industry trends, or even informal check-ins.

Managing Your Online Reputation

In today’s digital age, your online reputation as an employer plays a significant role in attracting top talents. Pay close attention to reviews on platforms like Glassdoor. Respond positively to negative comments and take corrective measures where necessary.

Transparency and responsiveness can enhance your reputation and make your company attractive to potential hires.

Pre-Hiring and Post-Hiring Strategies

Attracting top talent is only half the battle. Retaining them requires a different set of strategies. Before hiring, could you communicate the role’s expectations and provide a comprehensive overview of your company culture? This transparency can help ensure the new hire fits your organization well.

Utilizing the sales recruiting tips above will position you well, and once you’ve hired the right talent, focus on retention! This involves creating a supportive work environment, providing opportunities for professional growth, offering competitive compensation packages, and recognizing their contributions. Regular feedback and open communication channels can also go a long way in making employees feel valued and engaged.

Remember, thriving companies can attract and retain the best talent in the competitive sales world. So, don’t just recruit – Always Be Recruiting!

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