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How Well Do Online Recruiting Boards and Engines Work?

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How to Best Use Recruiting Job Boards

When Looking for Sales Reps, How Good are the Job Recruiting Boards, CareerBulder, Monster, The Ladders, LinkedIn, etc.? Each place can be an excellent resource, and you should be posting at many of them. As you might expect, there are differences between these sites. Sometimes the differences are subtle, but understanding them and how best to put recruiting job boards to work for you. This is the key to success.

Make Graphic Changes to Stand Out

Some of these sites will let you buy space you can customize. You can add color, change fonts, and do other things to make your ads stand out. This is important because you want to attract attention. Craigslist does not allow you to make these changes, but CareerBuilder, Monster, and others will let you. Be sure to take advantage of it.

If you are a professional recruiter, you may already know what I am about to tell you, but many non-professionals have no idea how these posting boards work.

Tweak Your Recruiting Job Board Listings to Stay On Top

When you post a job, it does not stay at the top of the board. As others post their positions, the system pushes your post down, sometimes into obscurity. That is why it is critical to refresh your posting. Change it, tweak it but make some alterations to keep it at the top of the listings; otherwise, it will get lost out there.

Yes, it is true, the online recruiting tools will charge you for making changes and re-posting, but you have to keep the goal in mind. You are trying to hire the best possible employee, and you can’t do that if they never see your ad. I recommend updating your posting once a week.

Add Videos

Another way to draw attention to your company and your ads is by including videos. The videos can be testimonials from your clients or videos of your most recent company picnic. One client I worked with in Canada had a robust community service component to their business. They would videotape their involvement in parades and then post the video to their website.

Their videos were well done and displayed their sense of community spirit. I took snippets from these videos and posted them to the job boards. This showed the job seekers something unique about this company.

Showcase Your Unique Corporate Culture

When you want to make people ask ‘what is so special about this company,’ this can be a great tool for showing them the answer. You don’t find many companies with that type of give-back-to-the-community spirit. Once the ads with the videos went up, they began seeing huge numbers of replies each week. Why? Because what they did was so unique, it made people want to work there.

Use videos that make your company shine on any recruiting job board. Testimonials and videos that exemplify your uniqueness are the best ads you can post. Forget about the tired and boring “Come work for us. Have flexibility. Earn six figures and work for a great company.” They’ve seen that before. Show them that you’re a great company. Don’t just tell them. Show them.