how to attract top talent to your company

What Can You Do to Attract Top Salespeople?

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Wondering how to attract top talent to your company?

Build a company where salespeople want to work:

Do you want to know how to attract top salespeople? Let me throw the question back to you. “Are you a company where top salespeople would want to be?” If you’re wondering how to attract top talent to your company, you need to read this article.

When I’m out talking to my top salespeople friends, they’re always keeping their eyes and ears open for the next hot industry or company. They want to be with the best of the best. If that’s you, the best salespeople will knock at your door. They will think, I want to talk with you. I want to interview with you. I would like to build a relationship with you, and I want to sell for you.

You want to be an exceptional company. That means you have a company that is an exciting place to be. You want people to be just as excited to come to your place of work Monday through Friday as they are about going home for the weekends. If that’s false, you don’t have the company you think you have.

Here is a list of what it means to be an exceptional company:

  • Your clients are raving fans.
  • Your products and services go beyond expectations.
  • Sales reps are excited to be there.
  • Sales reps have access to the executive team.
  • Sales reps are coached and mentored.
  • There is a program for professional development. (I don’t mean you give tuition reimbursement, but you provide the means to keep your people at the top of their game.)

How to attract top talent to your company?

How do you prove your company is exceptional? We use an international standard for customer satisfaction called NPS. NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. Zappos, a company that everybody seems to know, uses it for their call center. They post their NPS daily. We use NPS because it allows us to compare our clients to world-class companies.

We used NPS with a client last January because we wondered if their customers were as happy with them as the company thought they were. In reality, their customers were happier than expected and right in line with the NPS score of Apple. That got them very excited and gave their sales and marketing staff extra proof for making sales happen.

So one key advantage of NPS is the ability to measure if your team’s perceptions match your customers’ reality. Using NPS gave them a valuable frame of reference and proof of being an exceptional company. Companies that take customer satisfaction surveys are missing the comparison aspect to world-class companies.

We love NPS because we can compare our clients to Zappos, Amazon, Intuit, Southwest Airlines, and Google. If you want to know where you stand as an exceptional company, rate yourself with a comparison to world class companies like these.

So to get back to the question, “how to attract top talent to your company?” Be an exceptional company where the top talent wants to be and they will find you.