Driving Explosive Growth

Driving Explosive Growth: A No Smoke and Mirrors Approach to Profitably Growing Your Business

Businesses of all sizes in every industry constantly search for ways to succeed and grow when dollars are involved in their data, but one of the biggest hurdles to achieving explosive growth is a lack of manageable sequential steps. From initially setting goals and assessing progress to prescribing solutions and coaching teams to training employees, and ultimately repeating the cycle, Mark Roberts uses a No Smoke and Mirrors process he has acquired from decades of experience and reading hundreds of books to give any business owner the tools needed to establish themselves as a leader in their field.

A No Smoke and Mirrors Approach to Profitably Growing Your Business

This book is an invaluable resource for readers looking to enhance their business acumen, with a strong focus on sales, through gaining an understanding of core concepts using knowledge transfer, repetition, and stacked learning. The combination of training methodologies ensures maximum retention for adult learners, and anyone who follows the No Smoke and Mirrors process is taking the first step in driving explosive growth within their business.

The Research…

Mark Roberts’ key to success in any business venture is firmly rooted in proactive research. With decades of experience working with companies across various markets, he knows it is paramount for businesses to take time to understand their customer demographic, competitive landscape, and potential disruptions before launching a plan of action. Without doing this foundational work, creating an effective system to engage customers and develop company culture is difficult, if not impossible, which is why establishing these skills early on will afford your business the opportunity to experience explosive growth you never dreamed possible.

“What a great read. A fantastic book that clearly defines the steps needed to grow an organization in today’s competitive landscape. Mark shows why he is considered an expert in the field. I would recommend to anyone looking to scale their business, gain more business acumen, and develop a stronger sales skill set.”

Joe Schmidt

Mark Allen Roberts

About Mark Allen Roberts…

Mark Roberts is a senior-level sales and marketing leader with over 35 years of experience driving profitable sales growth in market-leading organizations.

He has done so at Timken, Alpha Enterprises, Vantage Mobility, Gardner Denver, Mobility Works, and Frito-Lay. Mark is an author, public speaker, Scaling -Up Coach, sales skills trainer, and sales acceleration coach. He has helped scale several manufacturing companies scale and sell for higher than industry-average multiples.

In 2018, he received the Business Excellence Award from NSME and the 2019 Highspot Sales Enablement Award. Sales Hacker Inc. also recognized him in the Sales Enablement Category. He was recently recognized in Soar to Success Magazine for his data-driven approach to growing sales and profits.

Mark founded OTB Solutions, LLC, and the famous business development blog, nosmokeandmirrors.com, ranked #1 in fixing sales problems. As founder and president of OTB Sales, he helps clients diagnose and improve revenue, profits, and shareholder value.

Mark is also a certified Scaling Up coach helping companies that wish to scale their revenue, profits, and shareholder value profitably.