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Infographic for Hiring the Best Salespeople

How to Define, Recruit and Select Top Salespeople for Your Company The infographic below depicts the process companies should use to hire their best salespeople. We have created a free guide to provide detailed information on this process. At the

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Onboard New Salespeople Effectively in 7 Steps

Why You Need an Onboarding Program for Sales Staff. No prep for new sales staff increases the odds of failure! With a strong program to onboard new salespeople, you are much more likely to keep your new superstars. Can you

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Select Top Salespeople by Using Structured Interviews

Want top sales performers? Use structured interviews after testing. Do this and you will outsell the competition, every time! With a structured interview, you ask specific questions to evaluate each candidate’s: job-related skills, behaviors, motivations, and abilities. You ask all

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Pre-screen Sales Applicants with a 10-minute Phone Interview

Yep, a 10-minute phone call is all you need to pre-screen your sales applicants. How can you get all the info you need in such a short period? We pre-screen sales applicants in 10-minutes all the time. It works because

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To Hire Top Salespeople Use Pre-hire Assessment Tests

Don’t Rely on Gut Instinct in Hiring New Salespeople All companies know strong sales require a great sales team. Yet most companies still wing it when it comes to selecting sales staff. Many rely on the gut-intuition of sales managers

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How Attract Top Sales Talent

To attract the top sales talent, start with a strategic plan. According to a worldwide survey of 5,400+ employers by Mercer, the next 12 months will be a time of brutal competition for top talent. More than 90% of surveyed

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Top 12 Mistakes Firms Make in Sales Job Postings

Here are the dirty dozen, the top 12 common mistakes we see companies making when they develop their sales job postings or ads. Mistake #1: Spouting vague clichés about the job Visit any job board and you will see many

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Sales Candidate Selection Criteria – Get it Right or Fail to Grow

Establish true selection criteria for sales candidates to find the best salespeople for you. You want to hire high-performing salespeople for your team. Right? Well to find these top performers, don’t start the process by writing “we have a job

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Eight Steps for Hiring Top Performing Sales People

To get great sales results, you need top performing sales people. This post is the first in a series of posts on how to hire the best sales people for your company. In this series, we will address common mistakes

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Hiring Sales Reps | Recruiting Ideal Selling Talent

What makes a good sales representative? People often ask, “What should I look for when hiring salespeople?” The questioners are usually looking for a cookie cutter answer, a one-size-fits-all type of answer. There just isn’t one answer for every business

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