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Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)

What is sales force effectiveness? Sales force effectiveness is in the eye of the beholder. An effective sales process for one company will not necessarily be the right one for another firm. To determine your SFE targets, you should define

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Use Large Account Strategy as a Growth Strategy

Our opinion is: If you could only pick one strategy to grow your business, the fastest way to drive growth is through a process, a large account process. It is good business sense to use major sales as your growth

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Avoid Wasting Time and Energy Chasing Dead Deals

Make sure you pursue only “good fit” large deals A company can spend a lot of time and energy chasing deals that eventually go to a competitor or fizzle out. That’s a fear many of our clients have. Everybody has

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To Land Big Deals, Don’t Qualify More – Disqualify More

Don’t let hopeful salespeople fill your pipeline with junk For years I have heard sales people tell me they want to learn how to qualify better and land big deals. It is every salesperson’s dream. Even though it is a

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How Do You Shorten Your Sales Cycle?

To shorten sales: Match your sales process to the buyer’s buying stage What’s a common question in sales- how do we shorten our sale cycle? That’s one we hear often but not a lot of people have the answer. It’s

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Sales Strategy

Do You Need a Different Sales Strategy? Don’t Just Go with the Flow for Your Sales Strategy You probably do need a different sales strategy. What’s funny is most sales organizations don’t even have one. Instead, they work very tactically

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