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The Truth about Sales Personality Tests

The Real Scoop on Sales Personality Tests What is a Sales Personality? Some people claim that folks with a sales personality embody traits resulting in superior selling skills We’re data-driven folks here at Big Swift Kick. Our response to any

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What is a Sales Assessment Test?

Definition of a Sales Assessment Test A sales assessment test is an instrument employers use to gauge how well a sales candidate can sell. Employers ask applicants to take assessments during the selection process. Top sales assessments have strong validity

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To Hire Top Salespeople Use Pre-hire Assessment Tests

Don’t Rely on Gut Instinct in Hiring New Salespeople All companies know strong sales require a great sales team. Yet most companies still wing it when it comes to selecting sales staff. Many rely on the gut-intuition of sales managers

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How to Select Sales Reps Who Sell Well vs. Interview Well

You Don’t Need a Schmoozer. You Need a Closer Every now and then I meet a sales rep that doesn’t interview well, but let’s face it; people in sales are used to talking to people, schmoozing, and bonding. Because of

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