Sales Hiring Assessment

Make finding and hiring salespeople a breeze with sales candidate assessment engagement…

Hiring assessment research shows that:

  • Only 6% of salespeople are elite performers
  • Only 26% of all salespeople are strong performers
  • 75% of poorly chosen salespeople leave within 6 months

Wouldn’t you like to know what type of salesperson you hire before bringing them on board? Big Swift Kick has a selection of the world’s top assessments so that you can make more informed decisions and confidently hire top
talent for your organization.

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Give your hiring process a Big Swift Kick to make hiring salespeople a great experience.

What to Expect from a Big Swift Kick Hiring Assessment

There are plenty of good salespeople out there, but you’re looking for the great ones. Sales candidate assessments are a great way to sus out exactly who has what it takes. Using a candidate assessment as a step in your hiring process can help you shrink the candidate pool to fit your needs better and cut down on extraneous interview time. When it comes to figuring out which sales candidate assessment is best, look to Big Swift Kick. Big Swift Kick’s sales candidate assessments get to the heart of what matters most to your company and your sales team. These hiring assessments put together all of the years of experience in sales hiring that Big Swift Kick team has to offer, and now it’s all available for you.