Guide to Interviewing Sales Candidates

Hire a top sales performer every time with this sales interview guide…

Research shows that interviewers select better sales candidates when they use consistent, structured interview questions with scorecards.  Providing an accurate benchmark of comparison of candidates ensures you can confidently make decisions that will impact the quality of your team.  Our Guide to Interviewing Sales Candidates provides suggestions to improve diversity, equity and inclusion and delivers the best process and interview questions to find your next sales superstar.

Identify the salespeople who are unstoppable…

G.R.I.T. is a metric in our assessments that determines an individual’s Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and Tenacity. In other words, it gauges an individual’s ability to keep pushing forward despite obstacles and adversity. This guide includes questions to determine whether your candidate has what it takes to succeed.

Read this guide to conducting structured interviews for sales candidates and give your sales a Big Swift Kick.

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Interviews are one of the hiring process’s most important and time-honored elements. It’s the first impression for everyone in the room. There are plenty of tips out there about how to be a good interviewee, but what about the hiring team on the other side of the table? It’s not as simple as asking questions and shaking hands, there are certain things to look for in candidates. Big Swift Kick has tips and tricks compiled into one helpful interviewing guide that will see you through every hiring event. Bringing in an interviewing guide will help to standardize your hiring process to ensure a consistent experience.