Guide to the Best Sales Assessments

The Best Sales Assessments for Your Sales Candidates…

Increase your selection success rate far above the industry average of 25% and save thousands of dollars by hiring quota-busting salespeople to your team.

Big Swift Kick provides an independent and unbiased evaluation of the most accurate pre-hire sales assessments on the market today. Read this guide and discover:

  • How to identify effective sales traits in sales candidates
  • Which types of tests most accurately predict a sales candidate’s performance
  • When you should use more than one test in your selection process
  • Why behavior and personality tests are not reliable in staff selection

Grab this definitive guide to achieve better pre-hiring sales results.

The Best Sales Assessments at Your Fingertips

Something you should never undervalue when it comes to hiring is sales assessments. Anyone can put together a nice resume, but when it comes to actually doing the job, there are better ways to figure out who will be the best fit for your business. Asking the right questions can help you gain greater insight into your pool of potential employees. Sales assessments are designed to help weed out any prospective employees who just aren’t up for the task. 

These sales assessments make for a controlled environment that shows you and your hiring team nothing but the facts. Sales assessments are an extra failsafe that more companies should be using. Used as a pre-hire tool, they can make all the difference between another round of interviews and beginning the onboarding process for your perfect pick. Big Swift Kick is a big believer in sales assessments and has just the tool you’ll need to get the ball rolling.