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Enjoy These Free Resources from BSK

We provide an array of free resources to help companies improve the performance of their sales teams. Review our offerings in the following information. Contact us if you need help in rocketing your company’s sales to higher results.

Free Guides on Building Better Sales Teams

With our guides, you discover the best, data-driven strategies to recruit, select, onboard, and lead a high-performing sales team. Get info on how to download our free guides at the links below.

In the summary of the BSK Definitive Guide to the Best SalesAssessments for Hiring Quota-busting Salespeople, we give you an overview of how to find the right sales assessment test for your sales candidates.

The BSK Guide for Hiring the Best Salespeople provides details on how to hire your ideal salespeople. We cover a wide range of topics including defining your sales culture, sourcing candidates, assessing candidates, conducting qualifying interviews, and more.

Our Guide to Conducting Structured Interviews for Sales Candidates explains how to hire a top sales performer every time by using the right interview process and questions.  We discuss why it is important to interview for Grit. And, we provide examples of questions to assess each candidate’s level of Grit.

The BSK Guide for Successfully Onboarding Salespeople reveals the best way to bring in new sales staff. You’ll learn what you need to do in the first 30-60-90 days of launching a new member of your sales team.

Free Sales Assessment Tests and Consult

We offer a range of free tools, which include one initial sales pre-hire test, a free sales effectiveness consult, and more.

building a sales team
Building a sales team that succeeds!

Free Sales Assessment Test

If you run a sales team of more than 10 people, we offer one free test drive of our pre-hire sales assessment.  You can use this free test to assess one salesperson or sales applicant.

With this free assessment, you’ll experience the magic in the world’s top Sales Candidate Assessment. Companies worldwide have used this assessment to assess more than 2 million+ salespeople. The developer used independent third-parties to validate the assessment as accurate and predictive.

Visit this page to apply for one free salesperson assessment.

Free Sales Effectiveness Consult

Are you maximizing the return on your sales force investment? How does your company’s sales force performance compare to your peers?

Visit this page to Schedule a Free Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) Consultation.

Sales Case Studies

Get a front-row seat to our work with a host of clients. With our case studies, we “pull back the curtain” and show you exactly what it takes to catalyze huge leaps forward in business performance.

Visit this page to learn more about our sales case studies on building better sales teams.