What is a Sales Assessment Test?

Definition of a Sales Assessment Test A sales assessment test is an instrument employers use to gauge how well a sales candidate can sell. Employers ask applicants to take assessments during the selection process. Top sales assessments have strong validity

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Case Study #8: Industry Roll-up

The Problem A medium-sized employee drug-screening company was competing in an industry in which a major industry roll-up was occurring. The company’s two biggest competitors had recently received VC money and were on a buying spree. The company execs were

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Case Study #7: Market Going Flat

The Situation The CEO of a small telephone-systems company sought to stand out in a sea of competitors in a market, which was going flat. Analysis We took a close look at the company’s strengths, its ideal client profile, and

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Case Study #6: More Funding for a Portfolio Company

The Situation A VC firm had a portfolio company that was requesting another round of funding. The company’s results to-date had fallen short of expectations, but they appeared to be on the right track. The VCs wondered if they should

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Case Study #5: Mindset

The Situation The CEO of a medium-size gas-production company sought to grow sales and increase the value of the company. Once his company reached a target revenue, he planned on selling it Analysis  After evaluating the company’s sales force, we

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Case Study #4: Best Practices

The Situation A large technology company with worldwide offices saw the size of its average deal fall. Also, its enterprise-wide licenses worth $1,000,000 or more had all gone away. Company morale was dropping, and its senior reps were starting to

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Case Study #3: Promoting Top Rep to Sales Manager

The Situation A medium-sized software company was experiencing eroding market share, tougher competition, and slipping value proposition. The company had invested heavily in a wide range of sales training, including courses on; sales tactics, major-account planning, and how to talk

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Case Study #2: Doing Whatever It Takes

The Situation We were referred to work with a division Vice President at a large communications company. The division had missed its quota for the last eight quarters and was under pressure to turn things around. Analysis We took a

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Case Study #1: The Wrong Sales Process

The Situation A professional services company had a handful of junior sales reps, all of whom missed their numbers. The CEO was frustrated because his company used a strong direct-mail program, which produced a very high call-in rate. Nevertheless, the

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6 Reasons Companies Fail to Hire Top Salespeople

If you hire the wrong salesperson, it’s going to cost you a lot. Research shows that high-tech companies lose as much as $2 million+ per year on a bad sales-hire. Even in a market flooded with candidates, if you fail

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