The BSK Difference

Let’s be really frank here. Most of the sales training and consulting firms sound alike. The truth is they are probably 80% the same. So let’s talk about the 20% difference that can hugely impact improved results.

Sales consultants and trainers should get paid on results just like your sales organization. When this approach is used, it puts the focus where it should be… RESULTS!

We are the only sales strategy firm that we know of that gets paid on performance.

The better you do the more we get paid.  You can be darn sure we do everything to make you successful!

Every company is unique. We want to know what growth stage your industry is in, how your business is really doing and what your exit strategy is. From there we can deep dive into the sales and marking aspects of your business.

Since we are not locked into one particular sales methodology, selling a training gig or a consulting day we are free to use the best in class tools and practices to determine exactly what you need and come up with a strategic sales growth plan.

Much of what happens in the world of selling is based upon conventional wisdom, myth, and outdated research. We have access to the latest research to supercharge your strategy, process, people, hiring practices, training, tactics, and tools. This often allows us to double the rate at which you grow your revenue and profits.

Candor is part of who we are and the truth is ‘things have changed for the worse’. Investment in sales force development has been declining for the past 30 years.

In 1980 the typical new sales rep got an average of 18 months of training, coaching and development, now it’s 10 days. Senior professional buyers have noticed the decline. It’s one more reason to have us do a proper diagnosis and determine a plan before taking action.

We only work with a handful of clients at a time so that we can give you lots of attention. Our typical client works with us for a period of 2-3 years because they see how their business is growing and transforming.  Growing sales and profits will take work, discipline and commitment.

Companies who are willing to do what it takes WILL become sales superior, and we help them get there!