The BSK Sales Consulting Difference

Let’s be really frank here. Much of what happens in the world of selling is based upon conventional wisdom, myths, and outdated research. BSK’s sales consulting makes the difference between struggling and striving.

We have access to the latest research to supercharge your strategy, process, people, hiring practices, training, tactics, and tools. This often allows us to double the rate at which you grow your revenue and profits.

We are so confident, we are the only sales strategy firm that gets paid on performance.

The better the results, the more we get paid, so you can be darn sure we will do everything to make you successful!

85 Years of Research

85 years of research by industrial/organizational psychologists.

2.1 Million Salespeople

Data analytics on 2.1 million salespeople.

Our Sales Consulting is Customized for the Best Results

Every company is unique. We want to know what growth stage your industry is in, how your business is really doing and, what your exit strategy is. From there, we can deep dive into the sales and marking aspects of your business.

Since we are not locked into one particular sales methodology, we are free to use the best-in-class tools and practices to determine exactly what you need. Then we deliver you a solid sales growth plan.

And it doesn’t end there. We’ll stick around to help you execute the plan to assure that you get the results you’ve been wanting for so long.