What others have to say about our Results:

❝ If you are looking to transform your sales organization and want immediate and long lasting results, “Big Swift Kick” is the best Sales Training and Business Coaching organization I have met. BSK will learn your business inside and out and then deliver coaching and training that matches your team’s specific needs. You better brace yourself because “Big Swift Kick” will challenge and stretch you and your team in ways you have not experienced before. The assessment tools that “Big Swift Kick” uses and their ability to read between the lines will leave you astounded at how they will know your team better than you before they even meet them. I highly recommend “Big Swift Kick” to anyone who is tired of the same results and wants more from their team.❞

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Van Erickson, Regional Vice President of the Year, Avery Dennison
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach in 2000, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝I consider myself lucky to have met “Big Swift Kick”. When I first met “Big Swift Kick”, I was reluctant to join their training program because of the cost of the program. Once I joined “Big Swift Kick” I never looked back. I quickly appreciated that their selling approach is straight forward and honest. What made them so unique was their candor. Between their assessments, training and “tough love” feedback, I knew EXACTLY what to do. The thing I appreciate most about “Big Swift Kick” is they are more interested in developing my sales skills than being liked. They held me accountable to what I said I was going to do. While that might not be for everyone, my six figure W-2 has never been better and steadily increasing past 300k. Since working with “Big Swift Kick”, I’ve been ranked number one twice, second and third in a company of 300 sales reps. Only once have I not been on the top of my company and that was year I took 4 months off for health reasons and I still qualified for our Presidents trip! Currently in November of 07, I am ranked number one. “Big Swift Kick’s” selling system has given me the PURPOSE and confidence to start and continue a sales call. “Big Swift Kick” has given me the tools to make more money year after year. If you have a drive and work ethic and believe that there is more to selling, than just showing up, “Big Swift Kick” WILL take you to the next level and beyond!❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Steve Wellander, Telecheck/First Data
Hired “Big Swift Kick” as a sales training coach since 2003

❝The team at Big Swift Kick are the best consultative sales trainers I have met. Their ability to work masterfully with diverse business groups is quite impressive. They have presented both in formalized structured environment for my large attendance groups and have willingly and impressively performed extemporaneously both in person – quite unexpectedly and over the phone. On all occasions I’d rate them exceptional. I know and have worked with 10 of the top 15 sales trainers in the world. The BSK team possess the skill, ability, low-keyed, underrated, disarmingly powerful talent and expertise to rank in the top. If they are available to address your group, you’ll be greatly impacted by what they share with you. The attendees leaving their address will be far more strategic, systematic and focused group of sales personnel than before they were exposed to their message. Obviously I strongly recommend BSK to anyone wanting to gain a greater sense of what is possible – and sell more people or corporations, more products and services, more often and secure rousing referrals as their bonus.❞

Jay Abraham
The Abraham Group -Forbes Magazine – Top 5 Turn-around Consultants

❝Over the last 20 years I have built 4 multimillion dollar companies including a 5 billion dollar real estate company with over 1500 sales associates. As the cofounder of OneCoach, New York Times bestselling author and featured in the movie “The Secret” I have had a chance to work with hundreds of business growth experts. Of them all “Big Swift Kick” knows more about sales management and building high performance sales teams than anyone I have ever met. I can recommend them highly!❞

John Assaraf

Founder, OneCoach, Inc.

❝“Big Swift Kick” is a sales and business development coaching machine. They are direct, hands on and use common sense training to assist you – the “Sales Manager” – in producing tremendous results for your business. Be ready to face reality and you’ll get the results you need. The best part about it…you’ll find yourself quoting them years after the engagement!❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Michael Ryan, NorthBay
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2004, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝I have worked with some of the greatest minds that influence CEO’s and business owners around the world. People like Jim Collins, Neil Rackham, Geoff Smart, and Jack Stack to name a few. BSK has worked with a few of my clients and brought them great results. When it comes to hands on sales management, “Big Swift Kick” is the best!❞

Verne Harnish

CEO – Gazelles, YEO Founder, Author “Mastering The Rockefeller Habits”

❝“Big Swift Kick” provided tremendous personal, professional and sales coaching to our direct team from 2001 – 2004. Their approach, while creative and informative, is conducted in a manner that is also engaging. BSK’s direct impact to our organization increased our team’s performance by 135% and my personal income by 75%. Furthermore, “Big Swift Kick’s” ideas around becoming a better sales person had an impact on my personal life. Their philosophies and guidance have made me a better husband and parent. I would certainly recommend “Big Swift Kick” to any organization looking to step out of the traditional aggressive approach to sales and move into the more effective consultative needs based method that will drive unimagined results.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Clayton Vaughan, Global Payments, Inc., VP
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach in 2001

❝I have worked with “Big Swift Kick” for nine years at three separate companies. First, we used them for sales training and then we used them for sales strategy. Over time, we utilized them for sales management mentoring and masterminding and now we are using them to help us hire the right people, set expectations, and improve communications! The strength that BSK brings to the table is real world experience and the guts to talk straight. In a world where most consultants are looking for ways to extend the job, BSK is focused on getting us the results. If BSK ever gets around to writing a book on sales and sales management you should buy it!❞

Ed Groark

VP – Key Tech Services

❝When I first engaged BSK’s services, I was entering the 20th year of my professional engineering business. I wanted to develop a sales and marketing department so that I could have steady, reliable, and predictable stream revenue. In the first 20 years of my business, I had relied primarily upon referrals to increase my company’s revenue. However, my energy level was low, I had been enduring varying levels of burnout, and I realized I did not know what I did not know.

With BSK’s guidance, I was able to determine my strengths, and determine the voids in my business skill set. They helped me focus on what I wanted to accomplish, set real goals, and helped me with a few possible paths to reach my goals. They worked with me to utilize my knowledge of my market, so that I could determine specific markets and services on which to focus.

Understanding some of the gaps in my skill set, they recommended books to augment my sales and marketing efforts. They also guided me through the process of hiring a sales person, and a marketing person. They worked with the new sales hire to develop scripts, and a methodology for making sales calls for my business. They also worked with the new marketing hire and me to develop strategies for client relationship management, effective proposal processes, business conference planning, and a multitude of other deliverables.

After having spent 8 months under their tutelage, I have developed a renewed level of interest and energy, thirst for knowledge, quest for improvement, and set new goals for the growth of my business, while firming up an exit strategy and have begun work on a plan for the transfer of ownership of my company.

BSK was the perfect team for helping me determine and realize my goals, while elevating me into a new realm of knowledge and understanding of sales and marketing. Their understanding of sales and marketing techniques, coupled with their keen insight and ability to quickly understand their clients’ needs make them a perfect coaching team.❞

Harvey A. Crouch, PE

President, Crouch Engineering

❝In my opinion Big Swift Kick is one of the top 5 sales force development companies in the USA. As president of UPSA I have met many sales trainers and sales consultants but none have the depth of knowledge and practical hands on experience as BSK. Last week we met with 20 sales VP’s from Fortune 500 companies and they were in unanimous agreement with their “big 3″ observations about sales organizations! On top of that they are real professionals whose egos doesn’t get in the way!❞

Brian Lambert

President – United Professional Sales Association (UPSA)

❝“Big Swift Kick” has effectively worked with our sales team consulting and advising both senior account executives and those on the team less than a year. They combine common sense with tested principles and deliver in an easy and enjoyable style. Of particular value was the testing and evaluation of our team member’s skills and abilities, identifying our individual strengths and weaknesses and laying out a realistic plan and timeline for each individual to move to the next level. “Big Swift Kick” is energetic and well organized. They are very personable and work effectively in person as well as via teleconference/WebEx. If you need to take your sales to the next level, “Big Swift Kick” has the experience and the resources to effectively lead the way. They will make a difference!❞

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

Kent Yunker, Yunker Industries
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Personal Trainer in 2007

❝I have used BSK at two companies over the last 7 years mostly for sales training and sales management strategy. One of the things that makes them unique is their ability to not only train and coach but to know they walk their talk. I remember one time during class someone said you can’t do that in our world and the BSK trainer picked up the phone and did it 5 times in a row. BSK’s real strength is their ability to push, inspire, and motivate sales people to understand the client’s business issues, sell the value and expect to be treated as a trusted advisor!❞

Lee Salz

CEO, Business Expert Webinars

❝I have worked with BSK for 6 years. We first met when I was the Director of Best Practices in Europe. We had used “Big Swift Kick” in the USA with great success and wanted implement a common language and methodology worldwide. Things in Europe went great. Using what BSK taught us along with our own best practices we went from 1 million dollar deals to 30 million dollars in 4 years. I have now moved to Asia am using BSK to help duplicate the same success. The reason have used BSK over and over is 3 fold: 1) the consultant use to run a data center and knows high tech very well, 2) he has sold to the high tech world for years and 3) he knows and adapts to the different cultures very well. Somehow he knows when to lead by example, when to challenge and when to accept cultural differences. If you get a chance to work with BSK I recommend them highly!❞

John Dominy

Best Practices – BMC Software

❝I participated in sales training led by “Big Swift Kick”. The training exceeded my expectations. The most beneficial part for me was the weekly sales reinforcement training conference calls. With BSK’s guidance my sales increased by four million dollars with a profit margin increase of 8%. Participating in “Big Swift Kick’s” training is a winning proposition. I would recommend it to anyone.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Neale Rass, Faith Technologies
Hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach since 2006

❝I have been doing business with “Big Swift Kick” for 9 years. It all started when my company sent me to a one-day sales training seminar. I was so impressed with their knowledge, expertise and the quality of information that I went back and paid for more training out of my own pocket! There are many benefits from working with “Big Swift Kick”. First of all, is the peace of mind that you have the tools and the process to know what to do to increase sales and maintain balance in life. Secondly, the results I have experienced have increased my business from $20 million to over $100+ million in only three years of which a lot of it is attributable to the guidance I have received from BSK’s coaching/consulting. They gave me tips and strategies that have really helped us to shape and crystallize our vision and focus our sales efforts. I would tell anyone who is considering using “Big Swift Kick’s” services that they will very quickly give you a barometer that will tell you what you need to put together and a process to help you achieve your financial and personal goals especially for fast paced high tech companies. I have been very satisfied with BSK’s work for my company and I fully expect to continue to tap into his expertise on an ongoing basis. The reason is I will get results that help increase Accenture’s operating margin and that’s the bottom line!❞

Dave Hampe


❝I can now look back at the end of the year and see a 57% increase in our sales and it’s tremendous when you consider this is the same people, the same customers, the same products, the same geographics, the same marketplace etc., but with substantially improved results. I can very easily attribute that growth to the coaching, guidance, programs and techniques for sales training that “Big Swift Kick” brought to our company. It has had a very quantifiable and financially positive impact on our organization. What has impressed me most is that BSK delivers on what they say they are going to do. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in the sales training area and were able to tailor their information for our company’s specific needs. To tell you the truth, we had a few skeptical people that quickly became converts when they implemented the techniques BSK recommended and they worked. We really got results. I can say that we’ve had a profitable experience with “Big Swift Kick” and we are coming back for more. We would only do this because it is some of the best dollars we’ve ever spent when you look at our return on investment. The numbers speak for themselves. I can very easily recommend “Big Swift Kick” to any company that truly wants to dramatically impact sales increase revenues.❞

Norman Hubbs III

V.P. USI – Integic

❝I’ve spoken on the same stage with two of the BSK team in engagements all over the world. Not only are they superb speakers, but their instinct in how to help organizations structure themselves for peak performance are second to none. In all my work with over 60 of the Fortune 500, I’ve never met an executive as skilled and methodical as the guys at BSK.❞

Chet Holmes

Strategist and Coach to the Fortune 500

❝I hired BSK to consult with us for solutions to what he determined to be a prolonged sales cycle and a low close rate. After spending a couple of hours together, they gave us great suggestions on what we should do. I am happy to report that since we have implemented their ideas our close rate has quadrupled. If you are looking for experts who know what they are doing, I highly recommend “Big Swift Kick”.❞

James G. Marx, M.D.

Nevada DocsMedical Risk Retention Group, Inc.

❝I’ve attended and studied numerous (at least eight) sales methodologies and systems over the years. “Big Swift Kick’s” framework is the best I’ve worked with for 2 very important reasons: 1) It is a complete view of the sales process 2) It focuses on what’s most important to success (and success is assumed to be mutual for both customer and salesperson) Big Swift Kick’s training and coaching helped me on a personal level to see things that I was unable to see before that were costing me time and money. BSK’s honesty and integrity in delivering unvarnished perspectives, no matter how difficult, were critical to that. Additionally, in my role in charge of sales and marketing, I was able to firsthand observe the impact “Big Swift Kick” made on members of my staff in dealing with their own internal roadblocks, which varied greatly across the group. In summary, “Big Swift Kick” has positively impacted me and my organization. I would recommend them to anyone who is willing and able to embrace their ideas, perspectives and frameworks with an open mind and a willingness to learn and improve.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Kurt Hahlbeck, Wipfli CPA & Consultants
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Sales and Business Coach and Trainer in 2005, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝We had hired an associates at BSK to help us reengineer one of our sales divisions. Unfortunately, we were not happy with the work that was done. When the BSK leadership found this out, one of the co-founders stepped in and turned everything around. We learned a lot from them about sales and sales management but more importantly it is nice to deal with a group who has high integrity and stands behind their commitments!❞

Clair Kincade

CEO – EEI Communications

❝BSK came highly recommended by Jay Abraham and was hired to teach our sales people as well as myself in consultative selling in order to increase our sales to the top five major oil companies. The companies included Exxon Mobile, Chevron Texaco, Bp Amoco, Conoco Phillips and Devon. “Big Swift Kick” helped us recognize our value with all of our accounts and taught us to hold the line on everything from timelines agreed to with the customer to raising our pricing across the board for our services. One example is our relationship with Chevron Texaco. We had called on CT for seven years with no results until BSK created a strategy that we would have never thought of ourselves. Utilizing their new strategy, we were able to sign a deal within 7 or 8 months that ultimately doubled the size of our company by bringing in $30,000,000 of additional revenue!❞

Steve Jackson

President – American Central Gas Technologies

❝When I first met “Big Swift Kick”, I was employed as a secretary and enrolled in college courses to earn an accounting degree. It all felt very safe but not alive! “Big Swift Kick” turned all of this around almost overnight. I went from being a secretary with capped earnings potential to a top sales performer with unlimited earnings potential and discovered hidden talents and motivators that I didn’t know existed. I still feel empowered everyday because of “Big Swift Kick’s” insight and the direction they were able to catapult me into because of their evaluative expertise. Later into the start of my sales career, it was “Big Swift Kick’s” exceptional sales training and coaching that propelled me to new heights as a salesperson and positioned me to be a top performer. Their ideas and selling strategies have given me focus, clarity of vision on every sale and a level of sales control that would not have been possible without the system they taught me. I went from having no sales experience to breaking a record of acquiring the most sales of anyone at my company in their first quarter of selling. I attribute this success to “Big Swift Kick’s” selling strategies and techniques and am forever grateful to “Big Swift Kick” who many years later continues to influence my success!❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Michelle Stone, SurePayroll
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach in 2004

❝We have been using some of BSK’s tools to transform our sales force and hire very strong sales people. When I first joined Inquisite, I was trying to figure out what I needed to do with my sales organization to take our results to the next level. BSK suggested a sales force assessment. From the assessment, I was able to figure out what I needed to do, how long the changes would take and if the RIO was enough to warrant those changes. On top of that we have decided to expand our sales organization and are using their screening tools to hire really strong sales people and eliminate the sheep in wolfs clothing. If you are looking to improve your sales organization I can recommend these tools!❞

Arturo Coto

CEO – Inquisite

❝We were introduced to “Big Swift Kick” through one of our board members. At first, we were skeptical because our team is made of senior people with lots of solid experience. The BSK team learned more about our organization than any other consultant or training company we had worked with. I sat through the first program and I have to say I was impressed. In a room full of skeptics they showed us new ways to recognize, uncover and position our full value. They also showed us techniques we had never seen and helped turn some people around who’s mind set was sabotaging their own efforts (without them even realizing it). Last year we had our best year ever! I can’t say it was due to BSK but I can say it definitely helped.❞

Greg Becker

COO – Silicon Valley Bank

❝I have been a high tech VC for 6 years with FBR and Valhalla Partners. When looking at companies to invest in occasionally we want a deeper look at their sales organization. We sent BSK into some hostel situations which they handled masterfully but the best part was the information they gathered helped us to make a more informed decision. They don’t get caught up in the politics but won’t sugar coat either, if you want a real opinion BSK will give it to you straight!❞

Hooks Johnston

Partner – ValhallaPartners

❝We utilized “Big Swift Kick’s” services at one of our portfolio companies. They did an assessment and jointly built a plan with their management team. The plan was executed over a one-year period and we were very happy with the results. We can recommend BSK to any VC, Equity Partner or business owner looking to increase sales.❞

Zim Putney

Partner – Next Gen Capital

❝I met the guys at Big Swift Kick 6 years ago when they were part of a team to help train our sales organization. I have worked with three different companies since then and at all three we have used BSK. What makes them unique is they are more than a one trick pony! They has many tools and resources available to make sure you get exactly what you need to reach your goals just as he did with us!❞

Jim Riley

Sales VP – Secure Software

❝I have worked with “Big Swift Kick” at three different software companies. I am not a sales executive nor did I bring BSK into the companies but I am glad they were there. Yes they are good sales trainer and knows more than most but the benefit to me has been the change in my perspective. Where I use to see myself as a good sales person I now see myself as a highly paid consultant who has a significant impact on my clients bottom line! That includes really understanding the value I provide, seeing myself as an equal not a beggar and changing my mindset just to mention a few things. Using BSK’s mindset and methodologies have enabled me to become the number one rep at 3 companies. If you are ready to take your sales to the next level, you have to work with Andy and the BSK team!”
Mike Jelepis
Major Account Rep – IBM

❝We went to BSK looking for a tool to help us fast track our hiring process for salespeople. We looked at a few tools but none were as detailed or customizable as theirs were. We are under a lot of pressure to get these positions filled quickly but can’t afford the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person. “Big Swift Kick” helped us with advertising, defining our requirements and provided material to make our search more effective. Thanks for the help BSK!❞

Joan Schwartz

Senior Director of HR – Envision EMI

❝I was referred to BSK by an associate at another company. They had been using their sales screening tool to hire new sales people and thought it would be useful to me. We are expanding and typically have to interview 40 people to get one strong salesperson. You can imagine how time consuming this can be. Anyway we have been using this tool for 6 months now and it has reduced our time significantly! It even weeded out a few people we were tempted to hire. For anyone looking to assess if a sales person can REALLY do the job I can highly recommend BSK and their services.❞

Jeff Oliver

Senior Recruiter – Catapult Systems, Corp.

❝I met the guys at BSK years ago when I was a sales rep at Candle Corporation. Over the years, I was promoted to sales management and eventually became the World Wide Sales VP. We kept BSK with us every step of the way. Their consultative sales approach and powerful sales management methods were instrumental in our growth over the 5 years we used their services. At one point, we hired McKinsey and paid them big bucks for the same advice BSK had been giving us. We should have stayed with BSK!❞

Kevin Carr

World Wide Sale VP – Candle Software

❝I have used “Big Swift Kick” as a sales coach for about 10 years. At first I learned a consultative sales approach, then about different questioning skills, after that I learned about how to hold an effective listing appointment and adjust to different personality types. Many times I resisted what they had to say so they encouraged me to seek out the top people in my industry and learn what they are doing. What is funny is I keep hearing from other top people in my business the same thing BSK has been saying for years…it is almost as if BSK trained them too. Incorporating their ideas, we have taken our business from $10mill in 1999 to $84million in 2004 with an anticipated $100mill in 2005 at the rate we are going. Bottom line is these principles apply to any business. If you really want to increase sales hire BSK, do what they say and hold on to your seatbelt!❞

Tom Pietsch

Realtor – Long and Foster Real-estate *Top 3 percent producer

❝After missing our numbers for 8 consecutive quarters, I terminated our VP of Sales. I then hired BSK to analyze the sales organization to determine what needed to be changed. After reviewing their analysis we agreed to put one of the consultants in the role of temporary sales VP. His duties including assisting me in my search for a permanent manager, developing a sales playbook, and supervising/mentoring the sales team. During those 3 months he fine tuned our sales process, revitalized our sales culture, and helped identify a very strong sales VP. As a result we exceeded our quota and grew our business by 70% over the same quarter a year ago. “Big Swift Kick” was a key factor in that success.❞

Michael Bristol

Vice President Network Solutions Group – TeleCommunication Systems Inc.

❝Attending “Big Swift Kick’s” training session for sales managers was a very valuable experience for me. I learned how important sales management training really is and not to assume that all managers are created equal. What I mean is that they do not all bring the same level of experience and expertise to the table that they need to be optimally effective. That’s the value of this type of skill building training. There is no question in my mind that “Big Swift Kick” will prove to you the importance that every company ought to place in the ongoing training of their sales managers. From my experience, many people don’t understand the process of good sales management execution and how to get increased sales results BSK will show you how. I would absolutely recommend “Big Swift Kick” as an invaluable expert in the field of sales management training in fact I have. In my opinion, any company serious about obtaining maximum sales results would be foolish not to use their training and consulting services. “Big Swift Kick” is a real “A” player.❞

Mark Scofield

V.P. Metros – Acuity Technology

❝I first met the BSK folks at a sales training seminar I attended. It was a great course and the information that they presented was very valuable. Their coaching and advice was complimented by their ability to bring real world experience, examples and case studies to the seminar experience. This approach helped us take home the strategies and techniques we learned and implement them to achieve good results.
I would definitely recommend “Big Swift Kick” to anyone serious about improving their sales systems.❞

Neal Murphy

Senior Director of Sales – BEA Systems

❝Working with BSK has been delightful. They have always been honest, direct and focused on our best interest. Their approach is collaborative and one I hope you enjoy as much as I have!❞

Don Casson

CEO – Evergreen Systems

❝Big Swift Kick is one of the most knowledgeable groups of sales experts I know. They are well immersed in all the popular sales strategies and methodologies and can consult on the right tool for the right job. What has impressed me the most is their ability to get to people I never thought possible. They inspired me to continuously improve my skills!❞

John Petracek

Tivoli Sales Rep of the Year

❝My first contact with Big Swift Kick was when I heard them speak at a professional conference I was attending. I was immediately impressed with their expertise and mastery of the sales training area as well as their grasp of sales management techniques and concepts. So much so, that I contacted and retained BSK to assist Norstar Telecommunications to help us build and grow our top line sales numbers. What are the results? We have increased our sales by a whopping 25% annually for the last three years directly attributable to the use of their sales training and sales management systems. BSK showed us how to streamline our hiring process so we could bring in the most qualified salespeople to assist us in our growth goals. Plus, the sales management tools that they introduced into our company gave us the capability to measure their progress quickly and effectively. This key technique taught us how to help our salespeople become more efficient and productive in the sales process. The benefit is that it has positively impacted our bottom line. If someone were to ask me if I would recommend “Big Swift Kick’s” services to others, I would say absolutely! If I were to break it down about what it is that makes their services so valuable, it would be that they bring to your company a top to bottom “sales system” that emphasizes results for both your sales team and your sales management. We’ve implemented this system across our sales team to help us measure every individual’s performance quickly and accurately. This has added incredible integrity into our sales management system and to our skills as managers. The cost of engaging “Big Swift Kick” has a great pay back when you consider it is a lot less than hiring just one wrong person or keeping one non-performer who will not be able to compliment your sales objectives.❞

Pat Flanagan

President & CEO – Norstar Telecommunications

❝I attended the BSK training session you gave yesterday for Legato. I have been in sales for about 17 years and have attended numerous sales training courses. I feel compelled to let you know how much I enjoyed your training. Seeing a different perspective on something you have been doing for 17 years is not easy, but you did that for me. You  guys are very good at what you do. Keep up the good work!❞

Tim Balistreri

Legato Systems

❝We are very pleased. Our people came back and said “This is stuff we can use today.” We were nervous about having our #1 sales rep out for 2 days but she thought so highly of the program that my partner and I will both attend and we plan to send every rep!❞

Ted McCain

Executive Sales Network

❝Feedback from our colleagues has been extremely positive. Thanks for the job well-done.❞

Tolga Tanguler

Senior Marketing Manager – Pfizer Pharmaceutical

❝“Big Swift Kick” is a rare find. They are sales consultants that really add value to your business. They played a role in helping SurePayroll make the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies for two consecutive years. We continue to utilize BSK’s talents to help improve our sales organization and strategy. I value their insights and straight forward (no non-sense) approach.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Michael Alter, SurePayroll, President
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Sales Consultant in 2002, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝BSK does a remarkable job in helping people learn about business, sales, and themselves. Along with great depth of knowledge “Big Swift Kick” is very creative and constantly comes up with inventive ideas and well honed insights. “Big Swift Kick” was a real asset for me when I ran the sales force at SurePayroll. Their talent assessments were spot on, and the training ideas worked wonders. “Big Swift Kick” was an integral part of us debuting at #53 on INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. At the end of the day “Big Swift Kick” is a true business partner. When at a fork in the path “Big Swift Kick” always chooses what is best for his client, even if it is not best for them.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

V. Ryan Sarti, Sure Payroll, Sales Manager

❝Our business was struggling to achieve sales revenue and operating income objectives. We began to work with “Big Swift Kick” and it was as if a lightning bolt hit our division. Utilizing their business consulting, sales training and motivational speaking resources, our results have dramatically improved. We have achieved our revenue plan 3 out of the last 4 years and our operating income plan 4 out of the last 4 years. “Big Swift Kick” has definitely played a key role in our success!❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Steve Jacobs, Paxar General Manager
Hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once.

❝My organization (DeVry University Online) has used BSK’s company and evaluation tools for the past three years. “Big Swift Kick” has helped us identify, assess and select talent for our fast growing business. They provide excellent service, is very easy to work with, gives it to you straight and an outstanding value.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Steve Riehs, DeVry University Online, General Manager
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝Since starting my training with “Big Swift Kick”, I have achieved more than just great sales results; I have also incorporated their lessons into my personal life which have had a huge impact on the many aspects of my life. On the business side, I have more than doubled my sales by changing my whole approach and attitude about sales. “Big Swift Kick” taught me to approach sales with a servant’s heart , have agreements with prospects before we meet as to what expectations are for the meeting. . build relationships . . .find out where my prospects hurting? . . . etc. This has resulted in my ability to expand my business and bring on more sales people and support staff. They taught me new ways to track my activity and develop a formula for success. On the personal side, they challenged me not only to get my goals on paper but to put them on a calendar to get them accomplished. As a result, I ran and finished the Chicago Marathon. After a lesson where we played a Cash Flow game, the lesson inspired me to go and invest in Real Estate which has been a wonderful side business for my family! These and other lessons have not only had a big impact on my business, they have had a big impact me and my family.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Bob Casey
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2000

❝My professional experience with “Big Swift Kick” includes being an active student in their sales training, assessments, and life changing “Sales Poker” boot camp. “Big Swift Kick” is more than an interaction guru, an inspirational speaker, or a sales system expert. “Big Swift Kick” is a DIFFERENCE MAKER. Their collection of knowledge, passion for continuous improvement, and objective insights will bring you more than ROI… it will bring you understanding. If there’s an alternative training option available that will at least equal the results PLEASE contact me NOW so I may continue developing into a sales superstar!❞

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value

William Roberts, Molding & Millwork
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Sales Training in 2007

❝I was in sales training led by “Big Swift Kick” and the training began a process for me becoming a professional salesperson with a plan and real goals and a way to consistently achieve them. The most beneficial part for me was the weekly sales reinforcement training conference calls. With “Big Swift Kick’s” help my sales increased my profit margin increased I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get better and is willing to put in the work. While I can’t say that I enjoy making cold calls now I can definitely say that I am skillful at it and I have the confidence and results to call any executive and engage in a conversation to find out if it’s worth a sales call.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Robert Tillen, Sales, DEMO CORPORATION
worked with “Big Swift Kick” at Exponentia

❝“Big Swift Kick” has played a critical role in both my development as a leader and the turnaround of my former company. Their in-depth approach to working at all levels of an organization assures that the progress made in one area is not undermined by another. This combined with their willingness to force senior people to face hard truths and confront long standing destructive policies, makes them uniquely valuable to any organization truly committed to change, and to excellence in the fields of Sales and Executive Leadership.❞

October 24, 2007
Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Brian Rich
Hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝“Big Swift Kick” has provided professional assessments; coaching, and I have attended their Sales Poker training. “Big Swift Kick” is an exceptional coach, trainer, and mentor. As a professional coach, “Big Swift Kick” cuts to the chase and tells it as they see it. They are compassionate, yet tough in their approach. “Big Swift Kick” sees and hears things in their interactions with me that others do not comprehend or overlook……..behaviors and insights that are important to self improvement. They are well read and very intelligent. “Big Swift Kick” brings a wealth of professional experience, resources, and tools to bear in their assessment and coaching approach. I have made tremendous progress in my professional growth because of my interactions with “Big Swift Kick” and the resources that they have shared. In every conversation, I have had with “Big Swift Kick”, I have learned something new.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Janice Ahlstrom, Wipfli CPA & Consultants
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach in 2007, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝I have worked with “Big Swift Kick” for almost 5 years. When I first met “Big Swift Kick”, I had a ton of passion, but my results were not where I wanted them. Within months I became a top performer with my company. As a manager, I now encourage all my reps to utilize “Big Swift Kick’s” ideas, processes and strategies. They are inspiring, creative and insightful. “Big Swift Kick” has certainly helped our growing business continue to improve results!❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Gary Swartwood, SurePayroll, VP of Sales
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach in 2002, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝We have worked with “Big Swift Kick” in our sales recruitment strategies. He has proven not only to be a company whom we trust to provide excellent insight and information, but very fun to work with. Their system has provided us with an excellent measurement tool to find quality candidates for our sales professionals. In addition, “Big Swift Kick” has assisted us with looking at our current talent pool and analyzing what benefits they can bring to our organization now and in the future. I would highly recommend “Big Swift Kick”. They have definitely proven to be a valuable resource!❞

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Brooke Koch, PHR
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2006

❝We hired “Big Swift Kick” to provide sales training and assist in making better sales hires. What we got from “Big Swift Kick” was a great sales trainer, an excellent resource for assessing people, and a personal career/business consultant. Personally “Big Swift Kick” has assisted me in really focusing on what is important to me both on a personal and professional level to become more effective.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

George Van Der Linden
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2005

❝“Big Swift Kick” brings a highly effective system of which when executed is extremely successful in the sales world. Their goal setting techniques and then measurement systems for tracking not only benefit your professional life, but rewards your personal life as well. “Big Swift Kick’s” system is numbers based which makes it easy to track your success. All of our Sales Management and Sales Personnel utilize “Big Swift Kick’s” system.❞

October 15, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jim Schlater, Faith Technologies
hired “Big Swift Kick” as an Electrical and Data Communications Contracting in 2005

❝“Big Swift Kick” is unique as they are not only an excellent salesmen but are also able to teach others to excel in sales. From “Big Swift Kick” I learned that successful sales is not learning a series of tricks but rather it requires deep integrity as well as the desire and ability to truly understand another person’s motivation and dreams. Their teaching changed how I proceed in my daily interactions with everyone.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Jeff Shepard
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 1998

❝I have known “Big Swift Kick” for approximately 7 years and every year I have known them they have brought value to my professional life. As a sales coach, they are creative and powerful problem-solvers. As a mentor, they are compassionate and tough when need be. And as people, they are top-notch. I hope to work with them again soon one day.❞

January 9, 2007
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

Will Bowens, client at Smart Staffing, Sure Payroll, and Global Payments
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Business Consultant in 2000, and hired “Big Swift Kick” more than once

❝Big Swift Kick has been an inspirational motivator from the early stages of my executive career. The knowledge and systems that I have learned from “Big Swift Kick” are used and in place to this day at my company, and in my life. “Big Swift Kick’s” peers and students are successful in part due to their tenacity in teaching, inspiring, and keeping in check true self-discovery. Don’t get me wrong, while they have helped with the evolution of me personally, they are as business driven as they get. They are the go to guy to be the motivating machine to help lead & influence groups, managers or employees, successful or struggling, small or large, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.❞

Thomas Varga , President ,
RiverPoint Group, LLC
was with another company when working with “Big Swift Kick” at Exponentia

❝“Big Swift Kick” truly gets selling, and their sales training is second to none. “Big Swift Kick” is much more than a “sales trainer”, however. Only engage “Big Swift Kick” if you want to be challenged and have your company grow exponentially.❞

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Jonathan Darling, ROMO, Inc
hired “Big Swift Kick” as a Career Coach in 2005

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