Big Swift Kick

A proven path to closing more deals.

Big Swift Kick is a team of top-ranked sales training and consulting experts committed to optimizing your sales team.


Get Effective Sales Results

At Big Swift Kick, selling matters. Big Swift Kick’s clients have generated more than $6 billion in new business using our three-decade-long track record of successful strategies. We’re so sure that our strategies will work for YOUR sales team that we guarantee the results…or your money back.

  • Take the guesswork out of sales so your team can be more consistent.

  • Ensure your team makes their numbers so that you can meet your goals.

  • Hire stronger sales talent so that your team stays strong in the future.

Big Swift Kick - Sales Training Services
An Industry Leader

Selling Power has recognized CEO, Andy Miller, as a Top 10 Sales Consultant in the U.S.

Big Swift Kick
Reliable ROI

Within 12 months, one of our clients increased the number of $1M+ deals from 0 to 16.

Research-Proven Sales Analytics for Sales Team Optimization

Our experience and algorithms lead the industry to help you:

  • Select top sales performers for your team.

  • Take your sales team to the next level.

  • Build a stronger pipeline and shorten sales cycles.

  • Close more, and win bigger deals.

How a Big Swift Kick Achieves Results

We have three simple and straightforward steps to get results for your sales team:

  1. Define Goals:  …strategic discussions with your executive team to define success.

  2. Identify Roadblocks:  …and what it will take to remove them.

  3. Plan for the Future: … what needs to happen, how long will it take, and what your ROI will be.

Big Swift Kick Sales Strategies
218% Year-Over-Year Sales

Within 12 months, a client landed 18 major accounts and increased sales 218% year-over-year.