Leverage Science to Hire and Build Your Best Sales Team

Are sales not meeting or exceeding quota?

Think your sales could and should grow faster?

Don’t grab unproven or outdated sales strategies as a fix.

Deploy the proven way to build a superstar sales team: sales team analytics.

Rely on time-test analytics to:

  • Select top sales performers
  • Identify how to take the sales team to the next level
  • Build a stronger pipeline
  • Shorten the sales cycle, close more deals and win bigger

Find and fix your company’s roadblocks to higher sales

You don’t get cookie-cutter solutions from us. Your exec team receives a custom, verifiable path to accelerate your company’s sales. You get advice based on your goals, culture, industry, and sales team analytics.

Our sales consulting process is very straightforward:

  • We have strategic discussions with your exec group to define the goals you need to hit.
  • Next, we identify what’s in the way and what it will take to get
  • Then we map out what needs to happen, how long it will take to reach your goals, and the expected ROI.

Our team delivers remarkable results…guaranteed

In 28+ years in business, we’ve helped clients generate more than $6 billion in new business. Selling Power has recognized our CEO, Andy Miller, as a top ten sales consultant in the U.S. in two of the last three years. We’re so sure of the value of our approach we guarantee results.

Let’s discuss how we can help your team:

  • Take the mystery out of sales
  • Improve the reliability of sales making their numbers
  • Hire stronger sales talent
  • And, more

A BSK Success: 70% Above Quota

Within 90 days, our team’s advice helped the client’s sales team beat quota by 70% and exceed quota for the next two quarters.

A BSK Success: More $1Million Deals

Our team’s suggestions helped a client increase the number of enterprise-wide deals, worth $1M+, go from zero to 16 in 12 months.

A BSK Success: More Big Customers

With our recommended changes, the client became number one in its market with more than 200 Fortune 500 customers.

A BSK Success:
Dramatic YOY Gains

Over 12 months, our advice helped a client land 18 major accounts, and sales went up 218% year-over-year.

Discover your roadblocks to accelerating sales.

Learn more about sales team analytics.

We have worked with hundreds of companies.