A Low-Grit Sales Culture Dooms the Company

It’s not sexy, but it’s true: hard work matters. Now more than ever. Yes, that stick-to-it-ness, that guy who goes the extra mile for a prospective customer, or the one who stays late to help a customer in crisis; these

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Hiring Sales Reps | Recruiting Ideal Selling Talent

What makes a good sales representative? People often ask, “What should I look for when hiring salespeople?” The questioners are usually looking for a cookie cutter answer, a one-size-fits-all type of answer. There just isn’t one answer for every business

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Why Can’t My Salespeople Land Big Deals On Their Own?

In theory, salespeople can land big deals on their own, but it rarely happens. Landing big deals requires a very different way of thinking. In my 18 years of doing this, I’ve only seen CEOs, presidents and business owners capable

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How Long Should It Take to Land a Big Deal?

Different factors will determine how long it will take to land a big deal. If you follow the process we help you establish, walk through each step, and don’t make compromises or compensations to try and force a deal that

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How well do online recruiting boards and engines work?

When Looking for Sales Reps, How Good are the Job Recruiting Boards, CareerBulder, Monster, The Ladders, LinkedIn, etc.? Each of these places can be an excellent resource and you should be posting at many of them. As you might expect,

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Using the Exec Team to Pursue Large Accounts and RFPs

Should the Exec Team Get Involved in Pursuing Large Deals? Yes, the executive team definitely needs to be involved in pursuing large accounts and RFPs. When Sarbanes-Oxley came out, the rules of the game, and how companies do things, changed.

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How to Select Sales Reps Who Sell Well vs. Interview Well

You Don’t Need a Schmoozer. You Need a Closer Every now and then I meet a sales rep that doesn’t interview well, but let’s face it; people in sales are used to talking to people, schmoozing, and bonding. Because of

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Stop Sales Staff From Discounting Products To Close Sales

If you have to discount to bring in the sales, then are you really bringing in quality leads? This is a very good question to consider when you ask, “How do I get my salespeople to stop discounting our products

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Use Large Account Strategy as a Growth Strategy

Our opinion is: If you could only pick one strategy to grow your business, the fastest way to drive growth is through a process, a large account process. It is good business sense to use major sales as your growth

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Avoid Wasting Time and Energy Chasing Dead Deals

Make sure you pursue only “good fit” large deals A company can spend a lot of time and energy chasing deals that eventually go to a competitor or fizzle out. That’s a fear many of our clients have. Everybody has

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To Land Big Deals, Don’t Qualify More – Disqualify More

Don’t let hopeful salespeople fill your pipeline with junk For years I have heard sales people tell me they want to learn how to qualify better and land big deals. It is every salesperson’s dream. Even though it is a

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